Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every day farm life

Now that things are slowing down somewhat, I can show you some of what has been going on around here.

We are getting some awesome sunrises right now and I’m actually able to see them because the sun rises about the same time as I do. I have been getting around 7:00 to go out to let the dogs out and feed the chickens .

We still have Tasha, Joy’s Cocker Spaniel and will have her for about a month more. However, if Joy doesn’t come collect Tasha soon, she may NOT get her back. Tasha is a sweetheart, lots of fun and gets along very well with Peanut and Scooter.

My orange cat, Lil, went to sister Candy’s. Lil was originally Candy’s cat but I got her when they were thinking about moving a couple of years ago. After spending 18 months at their Grove, Candy decided to stop looking for the perfect cat and take Lil home to her house. Lil IS the perfect cat! I have enjoyed having her here but I am sure that Lil will be happier with Candy; no competition, as our older cat, Lucky, has never liked her.

On the way from our home to Candy’s, we have been watching windmills going up. There will be about 20 of them in all, standing in their white glory, turning in the wind. The only down side, for Candy, is that she sees the red lights at night from some of them, which is something she’d rather not see. We can see them from our mailbox, but not from the house. However, we see lots of tower lights around so a few more red lights on the hori
zon wouldn’t bother me.

Roadside view

View from our mailbox

If the energy were going to OUR electric company, Candy wouldn’t complain, but it’s going up to the Cities and by-passing us, so we are not too happy about that. But I guess any energy by wind anywhere will help the earth, so we shouldn’t complain too much!

It’s amazing how big they are when you are close to them. Candy said she saw 5 men standing upright, without being crowded, inside one of the motors that runs the blades.

Close up of the door into the tower

Norm has been working on the barn. It was originally one barn but someone added on an east end, but not very well. The east end has been leaking and falling down since before we bought the place. This summer has been the time that Norm started working on the barn. He took the roof off the east end and will eventually take the sides down, as well. He used some of the roof boards to shore up the rest of the barn roof and shingled it with left over shingles from other roofs that we have done around here. It is finally finished and now he can go on to other projects, such as closing up the south and east sides of the barn which are very wind-leaky at the moment.

Our kitten from my sister-in-law in South Dakota is growing quite a bit. She is now playing with Tasha as well as Peanut. She has turned out to be quite a mouser! I have found dead mice (thank you very much) on the entryway step for two mornings in a row. Will I have another one tomorrow? I need to keep my eyes open when I walk out so I don’t step on one.

Norm has left me (sigh)!!! He headed out to South Dakota for a few days to spend time with his brother. He will be home before I have everything done, I know, and will ask me what I have done! Well, if he is taking a vacation, can’t I as well?
It was a beautiful day today – about 70ยบ and rainy all day. Wish I could send some to those who are desperate! You have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

Ooooh, she's growing into such a pretty cat!!! Now, just don't forget that she's leaving the mice for you because she thinks you're a lousy hunter and she's doing her best to provide for someone she loves who just doesn't hunt very well. ;p

I think the windmills are cool looking, and a heck of a lot better than having a nuclear plant on the horizon. Best of luck to Candy about getting used to them!

Candy Duell said...

I am tagging you for a meme.
See my blog for the rules.

Dreamer said...

I had a cat that would not leave the dead mice on the porch but brought them in the house for us (how considerate). So before he came in for food and water we had to do a "chop check". If we left his food outside we'd end up feeding the whole neighborhood of cats. It's really because she loves you.

Cris said...

Connie, I came back to this post just to see the first picture, amazing... Sorry I forgot to comment the other day, I was here when you first posted it!