Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doctors and a comedy of errors

Well, the day after the day after (if you are confused, it’s the second day after Labor Day, the day after tear-down day), I had a doctor’s appointment. That was the main reason I spent the night at Joy’s.

The appointment (annual physical, nothing seriously pending) was for 8 AM. I wandered out of the house, ready to head to the clinic, only to find that my van wouldn’t start! It has (well, had – it’s been replaced) a weak battery. I called Norm at home only to find that he had taken the battery charger home with him, so it wouldn’t do me any good.

Bill (Joy’s father-in-law) was asleep in the basement apartment. So I called Joy in Florida to borrow her car that had been left in Minnesota for use when they flew home. By the time I got my purse in, found the keys, figured out how to drive a Kia (first time), I was running late. AND had bad traffic, which I did not expect on the road I had chosen. I tried calling the clinic but couldn’t get an answer – too early for them to be on the phones!

I was “only” 10 minutes late, but that is a lot of time when the doctors are on such a tight schedule. But the sweet receptionist called the nurse and managed to allow me to fit in! I had to wait a bit for the doctor but not too long, in the general scheme of things.

Dr O (who’s name has been changed to protect ME from having all of you rush to see her, making it more difficult for ME to see her!) has been my doctor for over 10 years. Can’t remember the first time I saw her, but I won’t change for any other doctor (nope, nope, nope!). She knows me and my weirdness-es and how I think and react.

Once upon a time, I was in the hospital for minor surgery and woke up on the operating table, far too soon. There was some kind of tube in my throat and I couldn’t speak OR breathe. I panicked and struggled, which make my chest hurt from trying to breath. When I was in the recovery room, the nurse asked how I felt and I told her my chest hurt. She took my ‘vitals’ and called Dr. O.

Now, the clinic is in the hospital building, so when the nurse called Dr. O, she was put on hold, as Dr. O was with a patient. Before the receptionist talked to the nurse again, there was Dr. O in the recovery room to see me!!! Now, to me, THAT’s bedside manner to the nth degree! Because of that episode, I was put into a hospital bed for the night in case I had had a heart attack, but all soon agreed that it was a panic attack that caused everything to look haywire.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I won’t give up Dr. O, even though I now live 3 hours from her office! Although I promised her that I would find another doctor in this area for emergencies. And also promised to get a mammogram this fall (yes, Dr. O - cross my heart, I will!). She doesn’t say much, but she has a look that I try to avoid!

After a delightful (so to speak) visit with her, I headed to the lab to get stuck for blood by the vampires and was able to head home to Joy’s. I called Bill in the hopes that he had not left home yet to tell him I needed help getting the van charged up (not only did it need charging, but it takes two people to open the hood – one to pull the thingie inside and one to push and push to pop the hood up). Then I decided I’d better put gas into Joy’s Kia as it was getting low.

I got out of the car, closed the door (the beeper beeps when the door is open even if the key is out of the ignition!), went to open the gas door and it wouldn’t open! I opened the car door, got my phone and called Joy – “How do you open the gas door?” The open button is beside the front driver’s seat. I opened the door …..

I ATTEMPTED to open the door. I guess I had hit the “lock all the doors and devil may care” button. I was locked out of the Kia with nothing but my phone (thank goodness) and my credit card which I had put in my pocket.

Soooooooooooo, I called Bill, once again “Please bring the second Kia key to rescue me!” I had to wait about 45 minutes, so was lucky I had the credit card. I got a hot dog and a Dr Pepper for breakfast and sat on a picnic table outside to wait.

Okay, he arrives with the key – and then, I was able to get gas and get home to Joy’s. Bill followed me and got his jumper cables out so we could charge up the van.

And could we get the hood open? But NOOOOOO! Called Norm (for about the 4th time that morning) to tell him it wasn’t working. The pull-ie thingie that you pull to release the hood was not working – we had to use a claw hammer to grab hold and pull, then Bill had to push several times. FINALLY the hood opened. We connected the jumper cables and finally got the van to start after about 5 tries. Then it wouldn’t stay running, so Bill sat with his foot on the accelerator to keep it running.

By this time it was 12:00 noon and stinking hot and humid out. I was told not to run my air conditioner or radio for about 30 minutes. I did have to get gas, so was told not to turn the van off while getting gas (a definite no-no but what’s a girl to do?). After I got gas, I was allowed to run the air conditioner (thank goodness) and the radio.

I had pretzels in the car from the trip to the cities and had the remainder of my Dr. Pepper to drink, so was able to drive all the way home without shutting the engine off.
A planned trip of Dr, good breakfast, relaxing trip home and home by noon was out the window. I got home about 3:30, beat to pieces with emotion, but DID make it!

All thanks to Bill for his great help, thanks to Joy for her long distance help and thanks to Norm for his advice. Also, thanks to Dr. O for a pleasant and a not-too-grilling session with her so that I at least had ENERGY (sort of) to cope with the rest of the problems!

It was (eventually) a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!
OH! One note – when Norm got home that evening, we unloaded my “pony” and he tried her out. Ain’t she a beauty?


Kati said...

Oh my goodness, Connie!!!! What a trying morning you had!!!! I'm so glad to hear that things went well in the end, but goodness!!!! Sounds like your Dr. is a great one, and I can certainly understand you not wanting to share her. LOL (Not that I'd fly down from Alaska just to see her, but.... *wink*)

Cris said...

Connie! Glad things turned out well, oh my, this doctor must be really sooo good.

Sonia said...

What a great adventure, Connie!
Sounds you are exhausted!

Have a good and calm day!

Cayla said...

Great work.