Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The tragedy in Minnesota

If you have watched the news tonight, anywhere in the US, and maybe in the world, you will have heard / seen about the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis tonight.

Norm was downstairs watching the news and came up to get me to see what had happened. It seems that part of the bridge leading into Minneapolis just fell down into the Mississippi River all of a sudden. This happened at rush hour traffic which hundreds of cars on the bridge. At last count, six have been identified as dead and about thirty have been counted as injured. They counted fifty cars either on the fallen bridge or in the river. There is no way of telling how many more cars are either under water or under the bridge itself.

Norm and I were panicking, as Joy and family are in the Cities and we never know where they are at any time. I tried calling her cell phone (even though they were asking us NOT to … shame on me) and couldn’t get the phone to even ring. I finally got her to find that they were south of the river and not very close to the bridge and had heard the news at a church picnic they were at.

Several phone calls were made to tell Jill that Joy was safe, to tell my sister to watch the news and to tell my brother to watch the news.

Since we are from the Cities area, all of us are knowledgeable about that stretch of the highway. Over one hundred fifty thousand cars crossed that bridge on a daily basis. Jill drove to work on that route until she moved from an apartment just a few miles from the bridge to an apartment several miles north, so took another route to work. Joy and Ken drove it when visiting Jill or going to other friends’ places. Norm and I drove it to the State Fair and visiting Jill. It was also the route to take if you were going to the Minnesota Orchestra concerts, a baseball or football game at the Metrodome, or anywhere north of the river in one of the cities in the area.

Therefore, the tragedy touches all of us; Jill is worried that any number of her former workmates / friends were on the bridge. I am worried that some of my friends from the Cities would have been traveling to the Twins’ game tonight.

The State of Minnesota asks for your prayers and good thoughts at this time.


Candy Duell said...

What a awful thing to happen, and you had someone in New York trying to remember your schedule, and prayed you were ok! I am so glad you and your family were not near the bridge.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have been shocked at what I see, checking in at Fox once in awhile to learn more.

We lived near Muscatine, Iowa for four years and took a couple of different bridges across the Mississippi quite often.

I remember thinking a few times that I would hate to be on the bridge during an earthquake (which doesn't happen often in the Midwest, fortunately).

I keep thinking of those children on the school bus and what a miracle it was that they were okay.

Kati said...

I thought of you & yours last night as I watched this, Connie. I'm glad to hear that Joy & Fam. are safe & sound. I pray that none of Jill's friends were on that bridge when it collapsed. Though, to specifically pray that people we know weren't hurt is selfish, I think it's also human nature. I pray for the survivors & the families of those who didn't survive. No matter whether they were folks WE know or not, SOMEBODY lost a loved one yesterday, and everybody who lost their life on that bridge had SOMEBODY who is sorry to see them gone, I'm sure.

Sonia said...

Connie, I thought of you immediately when I saw yesterday on TV the horrific accident in Minneapolis. What a terrible tragedy. I am so sorry for all the victims and families who may have lost a loved one. A big hug.

Manerva said...

I'm with you on this one Connie.

Very sad for the people and families, but makes me very happy I'm here in SW MN...

Cris said...

Oh Connie, what a tragedy, I am so sorry for all those families, my heart and prayers go to them. I e-mailed a friend who lives in the area first thing in the morning yesterday, and they are safe, actually she said they never cross that bridge. Blessings.