Sunday, August 12, 2007

Okay, everybody, I need help!

All right, now … what WAS it I am supposed to take to the State Fair? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Come on, now. Surely SOME of you remember! And if you don’t, could you please put all your collective brains together and help ME remember?

This is what I have, so far, and I KNOW it is not the whole list! I should have a permanent one (just like Mary used to have) so I can remember from year to year.

I need to take:

Chandelier and candles
Butter churn
Spinning wheel and wool
Loom and loom table and yarn
Kniddy noddy
Tapestry wall hanging
Rocking chair and pillows
Green chair
Folding chairs for extra people
Embroidery supplies, redwork patterns and crewel kits
Washbasin and soap
Water jug
Sad irons
Baskets to hold wool and stuff
The flower planters (growing nicely, thank you)
Something for sewing

Now, that can NOT be all … I am not including clothes or bedding for the camper. We have the dishes, silverware and dry sink stored there at the cabin. Katie will be bringing the kitchen table.

So what ELSE?

And, on another note, do you know these people? Anyone?

Any and all help will be appreciated. You have a beautiful, remembering day!


happyowl said...

I would say the one of the right is you.

I miss you guys like crazy but I am loving "my little house in the country". Thank goodness the library computers weren't too busy today. Sounds like your having a great summer.

Love ya


Anonymous said...



Joy Lang said...

oh....I know.....

Cris said...

S'mores? Nice list!