Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have not wanted to complain about our lack of rain, lately. There are so many people, including my brother-in-law and many friends, suffering from seven, eight, nine years without any rain. We here in Minnesota shouldn’t complain because the moisture has been less than normal.

Admittedly the corn is wilting, the cracks in the lawns are growing bigger, the lawns are turning brown. The dust behind cars on gravel roads billow for over a mile as a car goes by. But this is nothing compared to those who are crying daily for rain.

But last night the good gods gave us RAIN. We got a half an inch last night. The dust storms behind the car were gone; there were puddles on the road and mud, REAL MUD, in spots on the road! Our flowers were perking up as only a rainstorm can make them do, the trees were shining with clean leaves and the air smelled so fresh and clean.

Last night was a “Block Party” for the Arts and Recreation Center that I volunteer for. This was the annual meeting and the sixth anniversary of the beginning.

The rain started just about an hour before we were to be there to set up. Norm and I had gone into town to deliver eggs and pick up some birdseed before we went over to help get picnic tables organized, food and plates, etc. out. I was driving and had to stop on a side street to let Norm take over. I do not LIKE, can NOT drive in downpours like we were having in town. So he dropped me off at the door of the store and waited for me to come back out so he could drive back to the door of the store. A cashier offered assistance to get the birdseed to the car. However, she was offering to have a young lad do the carrying for me and he was thrilled to know I didn’t need help. The lights went off in the store just as I was going out because of the storm!

The Center is fortunate (for many reasons) that it is housed in the old high school. By the time we got there, energy had been put into moving things from storage into the gymnasium. The grill was put into a garage close to the gym doors so they could grill the burgers and brats under shelter.

The gym was filled with the smoke of the grill but nobody was complaining. The smiles of joy on faces shone through the smoke and haze.

After the supper, there was a presentation to the retiring Board members, the annual meeting and the drawing for the raffle. The gifts were from local businesses and were all very nice gifts. Norm won a $25 gift certificate for gas at one of the stations; I won a gift certificate for a local steak house that we have been PLANNING on going to for a long time. Now we have a reason!

Then home to the lovely wet porch, driveway and grass. A busy day but worth it. A good meal and good company.
It was a beautiful day yesterday; it will be a beautiful day today. You have a beautiful day!


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

WooHoo! Dinner and free gas! Sounds like a date.
The rain gods finally found pitty for my area and let the clouds burst with rain for 3 hours- nothing harsh but constant wet. Good thing i set up my compost tea buckets out in the open! reminds me- i better go check and make sure they did not over flow..gotta go!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We probably got the same rain as I think it was coming from the Northwest. :)

It is the same way here, we are very dry but nothing like other parts of the state where they were in serious drought. There were some rains a couple of weeks ago that helped but everyone is at least "DRY". More rain expected tomorrow.

YES...my idea of a great win...a restaurant meal and the gas to get there! Now if they could only take the calories out of the dessert.

Anonymous said...

In Scotland, it's been the wettest Summer perhaps EVER - rain almost every day - the ground is not drying out at all.

It's hard to imagine you all going so long without the wet stuff!


Moonbeam said...

Perhaps your luck at the draws will rub off on us. We were entered in a draw for a guitar which my youngest would be thrilled if we win!!
I am glad you got some rain - send some up to us - we need it too!!

Manerva said...

We were happy to get rain here too. I think we got a bit less than you-4/10 of an inch but every little bit helps.