Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The passing of a legend

Last night, Beverly Sills, American Opera star passed over. She was 78 years old and died of lung cancer. She had never smoked but contracted the disease, just the same.

I am not sure how many out there know of her, but she was famous, not only for her wonderful voice, but her bubbly personality (her nickname was “Bubbles”) and the work she did after she retired from singing.

Beverly worked hard to make opera popular with the general public. She had English subtitles shown above the stage so the “average” person could follow the story line and the lyrics of the opera. She kept the New York Opera House open when it was threatening to close.

I heard her sing only a few times; I listen to the Saturday at the Met in the winter, when it is on the radio, but she was rarely on any of the operas that I heard. However, I have seen her on TV and heard bits and pieces of her work; it was enough to know that I wished I could see more of her.
She will be missed in Opera land as well as elsewhere in the world. Rest in peace, Beverly!


Kati said...

Peace & comfort wished for her family.

Leslie Shelor said...

Beverly Sills was my first introduction to opera. What an interesting and lovely life!