Sunday, July 08, 2007

Have I told thee how much I love thee?

I love my window, I love my window, I love my window!!!

These pictures were taken with my zoom lens on my camera while I sat in the recliner with Peanut on my lap! Thank you, again, Mom and Dad!!!

Daddy Oriole is feeding babies from the grape jelly feeder

There were two babies with him

And showing baby where the grape feeder is

Sweet Goldfinch is hanging on to the rope that holds the one feeder

This is either a: Purple Finch, a House Finch or a young Redpoll. Anyone? Anyone?
It's a hot but beautiful day; you have a beautiful day!


Moonbeam said...

Looks like a house finch to me - we have a lot of them here too. Great pictures!!

Sonia said...

Amazing photo, Connie! Well done!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful photos, I have been feeding grape jelly this year, I have enjoyed the Orioles SO MUCH! I had an identified bird at the jelly yesterday, after seeing your pictures I think it was a juvenile Oriole.

Jan said...

I love your window, too. I have a large one and it is what we call our "Nature Channel"!