Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Teas and Ugly Feet

While I was on Fran’s blog a while ago, I followed her link to the Three Fat Chicks, who are all about dieting. While there, I followed another link to a Secret Chinese Weight Loss tea that Oprah drinks and swears by.

The price, however, for this “secret tea” is unreal! It is $49 for a month’s supply! Why is it that the cost of losing weight is so expensive? Of course one can just stop eating to excess and limit oneself to starvation until the weight is gone. Been there … done that! It don’t work, folks! At least for me; I need something to help me along the way, to gradually coax me into a better life style.

I wrote to my energetic, healthy, super-super-woman granddaughter, CarlaLynne, and she said that this tea is a Brand Name tea but there are generic teas for cheaper. I did research and found out that the "Secret Tea" is actually Wu Long tea that is sold all over the Internet for much cheaper than the “Secret” tea. More research found that (to quote one site) “Wu Long is Oolong, Oolong is Wu Long.” This means that if I can find Oolong tea somewhere, I can have the “Secret Tea” that promises I will lose up to 20 pounds in three weeks???

I called the Co-Op in town to see, and sure enough, they have this magic tea. I picked up 4 ounces this morning (at $13.99 a pound) and had my first cup at noon. It is the same tea that is served in Chinese restaurants (that I love)! I had a big cup before eating, with about ¼ teaspoon of honey (I love my teas sweetened). It was pleasant – not hard to drink – and I think I will be able to have the recommended 2 or 3 cups a day. Watch out, fat-me!! I’m going to change (well, here’s hoping!).

On another note, I am the first to admit that I do not have pretty feet. I will never be picked to advertise toe rings. In the summer it becomes worse. Bare feet are not conducive to soft, pretty feet. I wear a generic “Croc” shoe outside, as I have been told by many that bare feet in grass is asking for insect bites. These are the rubber / plastic sandals that everyone (at least in our area) is wearing. However these have holes in them, which makes for irritation on these already dry and cracking feet when I head to the barn. The straw and barn dust, dropped chicken feed and splashed water that end up in the shoes make things even worse. The other day I decided to solve at least one problem and got some closed-toe shoes for the barn and will leave the open toe ones for walking and such, as they have a back strap to help hold them on my feet.

That and nightly bathing in a dish tub that sits in the bathtub and lotion on before tucking into bed is already helping the irritation. Nothing will make my feet pretty, but at least they won’t look like trolls’ feet when I walk into a store in semi-dress sandals. I DID wash my feet before going to bed, before, but I just used a wash cloth and rinsed them well. This helps make them feel much better.

I am looking for some kind of organic, healthy foot bath combination to soak my feet in, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

We are having pork quesadillas tonight; it was a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!!


Jan said...

Hey Connie,

Jan said...

We have matching feet! I don't baby mine like you did but I should! I have the mock crocs and just love them. A store here had them 2 for $
$8.88 so I have 6 pair!

Anonymous said...

It's really funny - EVERYONE over here is wearing those coloured chunky sandals this Summer - it must be a worldwide fashion trend!

Good luck with the tea - I've been drinking a lot more green tea myself to try and shuggle my metabolism - I think it's working a wee bit!

Cris said...

Hi Connie! These shoes are popular here too! I like green tea with mint, but I cut off some carbs and that helped!

Kati said...

Don't you just LOVE how comfortable the "crocs" are??? (I've got a green pair of "Rics" that I really prefer over actual "Crocs", they've even got better traction!)

Chai is another tea that's supposed to be good for you if you don't add 2 tsp of sugar to your mug, like I do. *grin*

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I wear crocs for gardening, for years I wore flip flops or went barefoot, but after having to have foot surgery this past winter, my feet are firmly planted in shoes with support :). I love the crocs, they wash off easily and offer the support I need. I have been wearing Birkenstocks to work etc, my feet are not a pretty sight and I at first did not like having my toes exposed to the world but am now used to it and am comfortable in my Birkis.

Michelle said...

Once in a while, take a bunch of sea salt (and some epsom salts if you like) and pour in enough olive oil or similar to make it stick together. When you do your foot soak, scrub your feet with the salt and olive oil--the salt exfoliates the dead skin and the oil makes your feet slippery. If you want you can then let your feet soak a bit in the oily/salty water. After, dry well and maybe put on some cotton socks (but I never do cuz I hate the way that feels). Also, a pumice stone helps with cracked dry heels and callouses and such.

If you want to get real fancy you can add some nice smelling essential oils, just one or two drops. Peppermint is nice in hot summer!

I have dry irritated feet too!