Thursday, June 07, 2007

Heading to the Cities

Joy and family have come up from Florida for a couple of weeks; I am driving up there today for a day, then bringing the girls back here for a day, then Norm is driving them BACK to the Cities and spending a couple of days there. Then next weekend we are going back again for several days - for Father's Day.

WHEW! A lot of driving! But to see the girls, be able to have them come here to see the farm and baby chickens and new kitten, it has to be done. Plus, the girls want to be back in order to go to church and see their friends.

The chickens are two weeks old now - I will take pictures when the girls are here and we have a little bit of time to "play" with them.

On Saturday (the biggest reason I am coming home tomorrow), Norm and I are demonstrating at the Historical Society Museum. This weekend is RiverFest; the museum opens it's doors for Saturday and has several people demonstrate or talk in the many sections. Also, the Sons of Norway has an ethnic food-tasting event in the museum, so I will take some rice pudding (actually "rice soup") for my donation.

I will be back on line later this weekend. You have a beautiful day.

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Moonbeam said...

Safe drive Connie and enjoy the wonderful time with the girls.