Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Mid Solen

Or Midsommer. Or Mid Summer. Or Solstice. Or Litha. Or St. John’s Eve. One thing this it is NOT is the beginning of summer! Technically, summer starts around May 1st and ends about August 1st. This is MID-summer! The middle of the season.

Norm and I went to Mid Solen, the Sons of Norway summer picnic. It was potluck with pork loin being served as the meat. Then we had an accordion player play some OLD songs – even older than MY era, and THAT is OLD!

The chickens are 4 weeks old, now. They are actually large enough to be butchered as Cornish Game Hens, but we are going to let them grow larger to broiler / roaster size. Notice how bald they are! Their bodies grow so fast that the feathers can’t keep up with them. Soon they will be waddling to the feed trough rather than running, as their legs will start getting weaker compared to their bodies. I am taking away their feed at night, in the hopes that they will not out grow their hearts and start dying on me.

The Buff Orppingtons are now smaller than the Cornish but are growing very well for their breed.

It was still light at 9:45 tonight … it truly IS the longest day of the year! And soon we will actually start noticing that the days are growing shorter. How fast time flies! Norm and I had a small bonfire and drank a glass of wine to celebrate the day.

It was a hot, stormy, SUMMER day today but has cooled off a bit tonight. You have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Solstice Greetings!


Kati said...

Glad you had a nice Solstice!!! I didn't do anything at all, in celebration. *sigh*

It always kinda irks me how people call June 21 (give or take a day) the BEGINNING of summer, when it's really almost half over by that time. It's NOT the beginning of summer at all, but as you said MID-Summer. Shakespeare had it right, modern calendars are all wrong!

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

In Brazil we have the beginning of the Winter!

Greetings Solstice to you!

Herbs and Me said...

Last night we took out the telescope and looked at the moon with our girls. It was a wonderful evening. The days will start growing shorter but there is a season for everything. I have missed reading your blog:) Tell Carla I miss her too:)


Moonbeam said...

Happy Solstice and I hope the warmth of the summer sun fills you with joy every day.

happyowl said...

Happy belated midsummer to you!!!

Remember, even though I'm leaving the "internet community", we will always be in touch.

Thanks for all your support and don't forget to check your mail box.

Love you my dear friend

Brightest blessings


Leslie Shelor said...

And a lovely rest-of-the-summer to you and yours! Love the chicken pictures; really making me miss having them here!