Monday, June 25, 2007


Now, I don’t have as many flowers as my Iowa Gardening friend but I am working on it.

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a gardener. If I had a gardener for my own personal use, I would have the world’s most BEAUTIFUL one. I know what I want; I just don’t have the physical ability or energy (or, to be honest, the desire to do the work) to get to a beautiful garden.

But I AM a great supervisor, so anyone who is willing to come build (and maintain) my garden is welcome to come! I have good beds and good food – I CAN cook! And all the good, fresh farm eggs your little heart would desire!

Norm does the vegetable garden and I go out and putter once in a while. One of the main reasons (besides flexibility and energy) to being out in the garden is the bees. I LOVE bees, but they love me and I do NOT want to end up in the emergency room again because of a bee!

So, next best thing to an herb garden of my heart and a flower garden of my heart is flower boxes! Norm cut out the wood and I built the boxes – well some of them – a few didn’t turn out like Norm thought they should, so he tore them apart and re-built them. Even rough-wood boxes have to be made “just so!”

I have flowers in some and herbs in some. Norm has agreed “in theory” as to taking the herbs down to the basement in the wintertime with a grow light to keep them growing. This way, perhaps, I can have things like lavender and sage survive more than one year!

Sage and Thyme

Pennyroyale and Parsley

Old fashioned flowers (and seeds)
The cage is to keep Scooter out

Now, I do have some flowers that are growing around the yard, which is a miracle, considering the strong winds we have that like to whip the flowers to death! But until I get a wind barrier of some kind put up, I doubt if I will plant any more around here. It hurts to see them so battered and torn!

Oriental Honeysuckle



And Milkweed for the Caterpillars
Yesterday was mulberry day. We went over to Candy’s to “gather mulberries where ye may.” Our trees that we transplanted from her place last fall are growing but are not big enough for berries, yet. Norm loves mulberries; I do not. However, I froze some for him to eat, some to make jelly later on and left some for him eat with ice cream last night. We got four ice cream buckets nearly full of the purple, squishy fruit!

Tomorrow is the first day of a two-day camp for young ladies. Katie and I are having this camp (with a sleep-over) at Shalom Hill Farm, which is where Norm works. It is also a church retreat farm and has a lovely building that we will have all to our own for the two days. We will be teaching the girls how to walk and behave, how to embroider, how to write in a journal as well as other skills that nineteenth century young ladies would know.

I will take pictures and show everyone when I return on Wednesday.
It’s been hot these past few days, and will continue to be so. But it was still a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!


Cris said...

Oh Connie, looking at your flowers makes me want to move to a house even quicker, but we're in the process of building one, so we have to wait... have fun at the retreat!

Sonia said...

I am exactly like you Connie! I love garden, flowers, trees, but I never been a gardener. Me too, if I had a gardener for my own personal use, my garden will be a truly paradise! But in my garden and yard there are many ants and they love to eat almost all plants. Fortunately they don't eat my lovely Agave.

Love your flowers photos!
Have a nice day!

Kati said...

Oh man!!! I wanna come to your retreat for young ladies!!! Only, I may not be as young as you're aiming for any more. *grin* Sounds like a good time, and I hope all leave happy & with new skills & insights.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for mentioning my garden! One nice thing about digital pictures and good software you can crop the weeds don't mind pulling weeds, I sit on my little garden cart and pull away, really improves my karma :).

The mulberries are about done here, must be just a bit ahead of yours. Each day the week before last, on my way to work I saw a doe standing in the open and eating, which is not unusual but usually when they see a car they take off for the woods, when we walked the dogs on the weekend, I noticed what it was she was eating and would not leave and it was mulberries. So Norm is not the only one that likes them. I remember eating them as a kid with my friend, who has been a friend for 54 years now, we were 5 when we met. We make it a point to have lunch once a month.