Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isn’t Mother Nature grand?

We picked up fifty Cornish X chicks this morning … I am going to try the hybrids again – I’ve been told I was raising them wrong last year. So I’m giving them another chance.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? These little babies hatched out of eggs yesterday, had never seen food or drink in their short little lives, but we took them out of the box and they started pecking on the floor, picking up the food I had scattered there and headed straight for the water pans! They are happy and content right now, eating and drinking and snoozing under the lamp.

I also picked up six Buff Orpington pullets as well. They are a little bit older, so will be able to hold their own as the crosses start growing. I love the beauty of the Buffs – they are pure gold when they grow up to be laying hens.

The larger one is a Buff

You can see the gold in the one looking at us, already!


I will go out at bedtime and ‘tuck’ the babies in for the night, as well as lock the hens (and roosters) up as well. We have been getting anywhere from ten to thirteen eggs from eighteen hens – pretty good for these gals!

Mother Nature teaches us how to survive in the world, even if we are ‘born’ without a mother to teach us how to grow in this world. Mother Nature also teaches us how to be content and relax when the time comes for relaxation.

Lucky sure enjoys life!

Ain’t She grand? Aren’t you glad you have such a great Mother to watch over the world and help it along?

It was a beautiful day today – a little bit of rain, a little bit of chill, very little wind, and now sunshine just before sunset. You have a beautiful day!


Cris said...

Oh those are so cute, my son is here looking and saying they are cute!

Moonbeam said...

very cute chicks!!
Yes Mother Nature is grand - nurturing, teaching, protecting and all that we need to do is treat her with respect and enjoy her beauty.


Anonymous said...

I love your buffies!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lucky looks really "chilled out" :). Loved the chick pictures I have never been able to have chickens but I remember as a child every spring my grandparents bought new chicks, I would spend hours in the chicken house with the chicks, none of my cousins were allowed in the chicken house but they let me sit with the chicks.