Sunday, May 27, 2007

The green is “on its way”

I have gotten the green / blue table “runner” started. The warp is a green cotton – and the weft is a combination of blue / green variegated cotton that is fluffier, softer and thicker. I had hoped that it would be greener, but it will be fine. It’s a combination of grass and sky, I suppose.

This will be eighteen inches wide and twenty-four inches long, which is why it’s not exactly a runner but perhaps a table cover for a small table. I might throw in some silver strands once in a while to represent the moon. I will have to see what it looks like when I do that.

As you can see, the solid green is warp and weft of the same threads, in tabby, as a hem. The pattern is not quite what I planned it. When I copied out the threading from my book, I missed a whole section! But I am using the suggested treadling and it’s looking pretty good. It’s called a “slub tabby” and it certainly looks slubbish to me!

On another note, I’m still putting programs into the computer and I am also re-burning music in. It’s nice to have the music on mornings that Norm is sleeping – I can put my headphones in and listen but not wake him up. Also, on our Florida trip, I was able to turn on some music at night and listen while I wrote. I lost some of the music, so I’m putting that back in and am putting new stuff in as well.

My brother taught me how to make “movies” with my pictures and sound – I made a four-minute one with the bird pictures that I had on my camera while he was here. Now I’m going through my blog and recovering the Florida pictures to do the same for the trip. Joy had one set of my pictures on her computer – we had traded Key Largo pictures – so I got them back.

When I went though all my graphic backups, I discovered that I lost “only” about six months of pictures – and the best Florida pictures had been put on the blog, so this is not a total loss. My tech has been trying to help me restore the lost ones but we have pretty much given up. Any program that is affordable doesn’t seem to work.

My worst loss, now, I think, is the data – my snail address file for friends and family, my email address file and my weaving file – I had kept track of my projects but hadn’t printed them out (shame on me!) for a folder yet! I guess I could re-write the information on the articles I have here at home, but can’t for the gifts I have given. Oh, well … they are in my head, sort of, if I want to duplicate the idea.

I never duplicate the article, though. I try to have each and every weaving different. I wouldn’t want to give Jane the very same thing I give Julie!! The colors might be the same but the pattern different, or the other way around, same pattern, different colors.
It’s warmed up and it a sunny, light breezy day. You have a beautiful day!


Moonbeam said...

it is looking lovely - what a wonderful talent you have!
I am sorry about your files but I am sure you can recreate the ideas again - unfortunately the pictures can't be recreated.

Laurie said...

I really love the color and texture and concept of this piece! I'm sorry to hear about your files, though. I know that it takes a lot of effort to document your weaving - I am very lazy about it.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

So beautiful the color, Connie! It is looking great!

I am sorry about your files... too bad!