Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the road again

We left the kids on Wednesday morning but did not have internet service last night to post anything on the trip. I am so very far behind that I will have to catch up next week.

We have not been paying attention to any news until last night so had not heard about the sad news that has been filling the air for several days.

Tonight Norm and I would like to add our sympathies to those of the whole country (and world) for the families and friends of the victims at Virginia Tech and also to the family of the one who caused the tragedy.

After hearing this news, I have not had the desire to write of my trip for a few days. We are heading home and I hope to be able to catch you up very soon.

Have a beautiful day and hug your loved ones.


happyowl said...

Since you and Norm are part of my "loved ones", this is for you!!

((((((( Connie, Norm, girls, hubby's and grandgirls )))))))))

It was horrible news and I have been thinking about it alot!

This violence needs to stop!

Brightest blessings


Sonia said...

What a sad and enormous tragedy at Virginia Tech. It was horrible indeed.

I wish to you, to Norm and also to Peanut a good and safe voyage. Many hugs!

Laurie said...

I've had a hard time processing the news myself. But I've enjoyed your photos so I hope that you'll get back to enjoying reminiscing.