Saturday, April 21, 2007

Okay, I’m getting back-logged here!

This trip is lasting longer than I expected and we are stuffing (S*T*U*F*F*I*N*G!!!) adventures into each day. Our motto has been: un-expected stops, detours and cancelling plans in exchange for sudden changes of plans.

If you do NOT want to hear about all of our trip but want to continue reading my blog, then I suggest you STOP NOW and come back in about a week. It is going to take me that long to catch up with all that we have done.

I have spent way too many nights without internet service (in fact, I’m writing this on Friday night in anticipation for posting on Saturday) so have been unable to upload pictures to PhotoBucket for the posts or even post very often.

Tonight (Friday) we are in Nashville, Arkansas (not Tennessee). The closest town is Hot Springs, Arkansas. There is absolutely no high-speed or wireless internet ... only dial up (and I have no dial up service now). We are planning on going to some diamond mines in the morning and attempting to get rich (ha!) or at least find a small diamond. For a fee, you are allowed to search for diamonds in an open pit mine. I understand that what you find, you keep! (IF you find!)

I will post this as soon as I have service and then continue with my trip. I thank you all for your patience and hope to have this long, long trip finished before we go on another trip (and that will be a long, long time!!).

One thing we have realized is that this traveling is FUN and we hope to go on another one soon. And I have confirmed what I have often suspected. If I didn’t have family and friends to tie me to one spot, I could happily settle nearly anywhere. I have fallen in love with just about every place we’ve been and most people we have met have been wonderfully kind.

And on that note, I am going to cuddle in bed with Peanut (and Norm, too!) and dream of another beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day!

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