Saturday, April 07, 2007

It must have bin sumptin’ ah et!

Well, what ever it was, I was sick and miserable for about twenty-four hours, but now am recovering! Joy says it was “Mountain Sickness,” Norm claims it was “Smokey Mountain Tick Fever.” I think it was something to do with the McDonald’s sausage and cheese biscuit I had for breakfast! If so, it serves me right.

Be that as it may, I did survive. We made it to Norm’s sister’s house in time for them to go out somewhere special for seafood and I ate a deli ham and cheese sandwich and went to bed to sleep until they got home, then went back to sleep.

We arrived about 3:00 here in Port St. Lucie .. and I promise I will post the pictures of the spectacular Smokey Mountains very very soon.

Here are two pictures to show you of Florida.

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Norm enjoying the sun on the back patio

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The girls and friends enjoying an after-church get-together; it was 62 out at 9:00 tonight!

It will be a beautiful day tomorrow – you have a beautiful day!

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Sonia said...

The girls and friends looks happy and adorable!