Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have heard from Carla Lynn!

I am sure that most of you that know Carla Lynn have wondered where she has gone. I got a phone message from her yesterday.

I WOULD have gotten to talk to her except for my carelessness ... my phone does not ring when it's on the charger (go figure) and I had it ON the charger all day .... Norm's was the one I had carrying around.

We have switched from "land line" phones to cell phones and both of us have one. However, they are identical and easy to mix up. And I hadn't checked carefully to see which one I had.

Be that as it may, Carla Lynn left a message. She is fine!! Busy!!! She and the family are nearly out of their rented house and living in their "covered wagons" (go to her blog to read details if you haven't already).

However, their campground spot is up on the mountain and they have no cell phone service OR internet service there. This will be dealt with soon, but she has been out of touch with everyone.

I am the honored one she chose to pass on the messages! They weathered the Northwester but had to bail water out of SOMETHING (I told you it was a message, not actual talking, so I haven't got many details). But they are happy with their choice, so far, and are doing well.

I will give more details when she comes back down the mountain and calls me or I call her and actually get voice, not message.

I would suggest that all of you go to her blog and leave a message of support for her. This is a BIG step the family is taking and I am sure that support from her friends will help her when she hits rocky days!!

Carla Lynn sounds like she is having a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!

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