Saturday, March 03, 2007

The view out my window

It’s sunny out and 11º right now ... BUT blowing up a storm – the visibility is great but there is mega ground drifting.

I took some pictures out my windows (I ain’t a goin’ out THERE until it stops blowing). I bribed Norm with fresh cookies if he watered and fed the chickens .. I was afraid that with 3 feet of snow that I would not be able to walk out there ... The snow is crunchy on top but not hard enough to walk on. When you are only 5 feet 2 inches tall, 3 feet of snow is MASSIVE to walk through!

So, here are some pictures out the windows. Please forgive the screens in the windows .. we don’t have enough storms for them so most windows are still screened.

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Looking northwest .... down our lane which is impassible by vehicle

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Well, I DID stick my nose out the door to show you how much snow is in the driveway

Our county road has not been plowed, even yet, and we got no mail again today. There are no tracks (according to brave Norm, who walked out there to check the lane depth) on the road at all. We have requested that a neighbor come with his huge tractor and blower to blow us out. Otherwise, it’s a little bit at a time with the snow blower until Norm gets the truck out.

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Out the bedroom window ... you can see the 6 foot clothes line pole to the right

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Peanut's comment about the snow and cold!

Fortunate us who don’t have to go anywhere!!

On a side note, I have two Downy Woodpeckers visiting my suet feeders ... the birds are slowly starting to come!!

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One woodpecker on the suet feeder, one at the base of the tree

It’s a beautiful day, even if it IS snowing and very cold! You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

Wow, it's looks so nice out in the country( the snow). Ours is all messy because of all the cars!

I love the pictures of the woodpeckers. I think I have them in the backyard but silly me, I thought they were some sort of sparrow!

Brightest blessings


Tracey said...

Oh, I soooo agree with Peanut! I wonder if I could bribe City Boy with cookies? Nah, likely not, as he's tasted my cookies before.

Penless Thoughts said...

Amy directed me to Carla's site and I followed your link to you. I am 69 years old and live in a little town SE of Tulsa. I cannot imagine living in snow like that. It is beautiful in your pictures though.

Beemoosie said...

I agree with Peanut too, although I am in the same boat as you...cold, cold, cold!
Have a lovely day!

Kati said...

LOL Looking at all that snow, I'm feelin' for Peanut!!!!! I think she's got the right idea.

Thanks for the lovely comments!!!!

Sonia said...

Wow! Your view from window is amazing! Love snow's photos!