Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A to Z on the Homestead

I borrowed this from Fran in Scotland. You are welcome to copy it and put it on your blog!

A = Apples! We have 3 old apple trees and an old crabapple tree. Norm wants to plant some Braeburn apples, too, his favorite.

B = Berries! Someday!!!!

C = Chickens! I love chickens!!! I love chickens!! I love chickens!! In the warm weather, I can sit and watch them for hours!

D = Dogs! What homestead is complete without dogs! Goldie keeps the bears out of the garage (at least SHE thinks there are bears around) and Peanut keeps the chickens in line – if they aren’t chasing HER!

E = Eggs! I love eggs! I love eggs! I love eggs! But not to eat! I can collect, wash, store, cook, fondle, look at but not eat!

F = Fruit! We have the apple trees (see “A”) but we also will have more – chokecherries, elderberries, apricots, plums, currents. New bushes / trees this year, and hopefully more in the future.

G = Green! Grass, leaves, gardens ... I love green around me.

H = Happy! That’s what I feel most of the time here on Ash Lane Farm.

I = Internet! What would I do without it and all my Internet friends!! Thank you for being my friend!

J = Joy! (Well, besides my daughter, Joy.) Joy in the morning when I look outside! Joy in the afternoon when I go outside to collect eggs. Joy in the evening when the sun goes down in a beautiful sunset. Joy in the middle of the night when I look out the window or take one of the dogs out. I am not running around joyful all the time (that would be un-natural for me) but there is joy when I stop to think WHERE I am, WHAT I am doing and HOW much I love my home. (A side note – Joy was named because she was “Joy of the first born! And, Jill, YOU were named “Jill” because it means “Little Girl” – another treasure!)

K = Kitchen! I love my kitchen – it has old-fashioned drawers and a flour bin and cupboards with slide-ie outie shelves so it’s easy to get to the back of the shelf!

L = Looms! I have a few in the studio – only two of them dressed for weaving, but I’m going to get back to work and get two more ready, soon. I own, if we must count: one rug loom (forty inches wide), one floor loom (forty-four inches wide), one table loom (thirty-six inches wide), one table loom (fifteen inches wide) and three demonstration looms (twelve inches wide). Is that enough?

M = Many crafts! Many crafts have I but am I any good at any of them?

N = Norm! The mainstay of my homestead! The wings beneath my wind!

O = Oyster shell! A necessity for egg shell strength and also for the corn stove to keep the clinkers at bay.

P = Peace! What I feel in my heart (as well as joy) when I contemplate what I have (a great thing) and what I could have had (not a good thing)!

Q = Quiet! Around here we have road noise once in a hour or so, maybe. Except for harvest time. If I have my radio or CD player on, there is noise, but if not, there is only the sound of the stove, the birds, the roosters and the dogs barking once in a while.

R = Roosters! Nothing sweeter, to me, than hearing a rooster crow! Or watching one strut with his harem following him.

S = Spinning Wheels! Right now, if you look in the studio, you will see four of them – one not working – and there is a fifth one stored upstairs in the wool / costume closet.

T = Trees! We have lots of trees, but are getting more. Mountain Ash, Burr Oak, Hazelnut, Chestnut, Weeping Willow, much more!! Making a better wind break on the north and east sides and shade on the west.

U = U! U, 2, can join us in the list!!

V = Victory! I’m almost done with this silly list!

W = Why? Why am I doing this instead of being more constructive and combing some wool? Perhaps because it’s fun?

X = X marks the spot! Now, if I had an X, I’d have a treasure!!

Y = Yellow! The color of the warming sun ... the snow is melting and the sun is very warm!

Z = Zebras! No Zebras here!!!


Anonymous said...

I found X the your 'N'!


Renee said...

I just love this! I just might put it on my blog if I can find the time:) Although we are different in age we seem to like the same things I could actually copy and paste yours almost:)

Many Blessings to you,


happyowl said...

I tried to do this, got all the way to v and lost the post! Maybe I'll try again today.

Hi Fran!!!

Brightest blessings