Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My taxes are done!

I’ve been rather quiet this first part of the week – been working on taxes – oh! How I hate finances. However, strange as it may sound, doing income taxes are easy (in comparison) ... I have finally learned (after how many years?) to put all the tax information in one box. Then when it’s tax time, it’s all there.

And, I have used, for the past two years, an online program called called TaxACT Online. It was very simple and even (gasp!) fun! So our taxes are done, we have ‘e-filed’ them and requested they be send by electronic check to our bank account. Ah! The joys of modern technology.

But my question is this: Since I hate finances and would kill Norm if he suggested I sit at the table and do the taxes (his job until his accident), why do I almost enjoy doing it on-line??? Strange!

On another note, the weather continues to be mild-ish, now that the storms are over. We have about 25º right now with very little wind. (Do you get the idea that we have a lot of wind?)

The snow is still very deep. We had our knight in shining white armor come with his snowy white (excuse me, red) steed to dig us out of the yard. It would have taken Norm 3 days to dig out of the driveway and lane with the snow blower.

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Once we could get out of the driveway and lane, then Norm was able to go to work on Monday – Shalom Hill Farm and all it’s snow was calling. However, before that, he plowed a path to the barn so I could go check chickens easier. Peanut approved of this plan ... it was possible for her to go to the barn, as well – her favorite place to go!

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Goldie approves of all the snow – she can roll in it – her favorite thing to do!

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We have lots of snow on the trees – and the snow is still difficult to tramp through. However, the mild temperatures and sun are slowly melting it down.

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How many saw the partial (or full, depending on where you were) eclipse? Norm caught the information on the news, so I ran out and got a picture of it ... and then it was a full moon that night. The first night with stars in over a week!

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I also took some pictures of the sunrise and sunset on that beautiful day!

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It’s been a beautiful week – and a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Tracey said...

Okay, come do my taxes, will you? I'm late...

And that second photo you've got there; such lovely hues...but golly is it bone chillingly cold or what??? I'm shivering just sitting here. And just when I was beginning to warm up...

happyowl said...

Peanut looks smaller than she actually is becase of those snow banks!

I am so glad that you got your driveway plowed. Save you(Norm) a lot of hard work. What a sweet neighbour.

Once again, your pictures are beautiful! You always get the best shots. The sunrise/ sunset ones are my favourite!

Brightest blessings


Penless Thoughts said...

Beautiful pictures.

Kati said...

Very pretty!!!! Glad you & Peanut have been dug out!

Morning Sunshine said...

I love those snow pictures. I want some! we have had at most 3 inches at a time. I have always been told that this part of the state gets A LOT of snow. sigh
"old timers" say this is an odd year. good thing - I was starting to re-think living here! ;)

Grandma Rosie said...

The snow is beautiful. But I am glad it is you and not me!! This old Southern Grandma would freeze to death in MN. HUGS!

Sonia said...

What a beautiful snow's photos! Just amazing!