Sunday, March 25, 2007

It’s amazing! It’s unreal!!

Friday the temperature got up to 65º!!! Last week we had snow! Friday was warm – even hot – and sunny and NO WIND!!!! I had windows open all over the house, getting fresh air into a too-long stuffy place!

A wonderful day to spend most of it outside getting outside work done!

My baby girl was here (sorry, Jill, had to say it!) .... she and her hubby came to spend a day with us. They live in Washington State and are here in Minnesota for about a week. They brought their new baby, Remy, with them as well; it was great to meet my grandpuppy, finally!

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Sweet Remy

That afternoon, after one of Jill’s favorite lunches, fried noodles, we went to see the llama man ... I needed more straw for the barn – I can now clean the hen house out since the bedding is no longer frozen to the ground.

Jill had never seen a llama up close, so it was a thrill for her to be able to touch and hold and lead Caramel. This is the world-famous boy who has been led by such celebrities as granddaughters Ashley and Jessica and grandniece Erin.

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Eric is hiding behind Bill ... he's a tough one to catch on film!
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No, Jill, you can't take him home!!!

We spent most of the day outside; Norm finally listened to me (with the encouragement and back-up of sister Candy – who had come to see Jill – and Jill herself) and fenced the chickens in.

Now, I love seeing chickens wandering around, but I don’t like chicken poop in my mud room (if I leave the door open for fresh air) or on the driveway or all over the yard for hound dogs to pick up. I have, for the most part, gotten Peanut to stop eating chicken poop (yuck), but Remy thought it was candy and we couldn’t stop him fast enough. After all, Beagles (and Dachshunds) ARE hounds and have their noses to the ground 99% of the time!

So Norm started putting the fence back up and we helped or wandered or just soaked in sunshine.

I wanted to take Peanut with me for a walk on the hedgerow to see if the hedge was doing well, but she doesn’t like long grass – even that which has been squished down with snow, so she headed back to the house. Norm walked with me and we found that all the plants have made it; the honeysuckle looks great but the flame willow must be deer candy because the plants are pretty short, but are still alive and starting to bud out.

Friday night we had dough-gotts for supper – another favorite of Jill’s. These are our family’s name for fried bread – with butter and syrup (or, in Norm and Eric’s case, peanut butter and honey). Really healthy, right?

And then Eric showed me some of what he is doing in his school work – he’s going to school for some kind of computer graphic thingie ... I still can’t understand the differences between what he’s doing and what I THINK he’s doing! A fine line, I guess. All I know is that he’s made a cute little dinosaur that walks out of a door. The wallpaper, the carpet, the chair, the door jams ... all are pieces of their home ... pictures of carpet were miniaturized for Dinnies’ carpet, a dresser is miniaturized for the chair wood, etc. He and Jill took lots of pictures of THINGS out here – broadleaf grass, dead from last year, texture of one of my rose quartz stones, etc. The best picture, we all agree, is of the excelsior stuff that was in a mattress .. Norm took it out, burned the mattress and used the stuffing to cover the garlic ... he took it off and Jill grabbed a picture of it.

Then Eric turned to my computer with shock to realize that I hadn’t upgraded the Windows’ stuff since I got it over two years ago. So he set it to look for upgrades every week and we downloaded two years of updates and upgrades and repairs, etc. (It took all night!) I had never done this because of paranoia, I guess ... who knows what Microsoft is going to stick into an upgrade and will it ruin my computer? But, Eric, I will have to admit that you were right (as usual when it comes to computers) ... I like the upgraded Explorer, now that I have found the buttons I need!

Saturday was a rainy day and “only” got up to 55º – Jill and Eric and Remy headed to the cities in fog; Norm and I followed them to go to the second hand store to drop off a bunch of junk-to-me-treasures-to-someone-else and pick up some stuffed toys for Goldie to tear apart.

I got some fist sized toys and Peanut claimed a small Eyore for herself. Goldie grabbed a larger bunny as “My Precious” but spent the first 30 minutes trying to decapitate it. I wonder if she objects to the stuffing in these toys, as once most of the stuffing is out, she just carries it around. It think it might be safe to sew the head back on Bunny. He looks like Nearly-Headless-Nick, only cuter! (Sorry, Nick!)

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My Pressssssssssssssssscious!

On a side note, if you can read Swedish, pop over to Vikktoria’s web site. She is Norm’s cousin 2ce removed – or 3rd or 4th or 23rd.. if I have it right, her father and Norm’s father were 2nd cousins. It’s a nice LOOKING site – wish I could read Swedish! But we Americans are so sure of ourselves that we don’t teach a second language in grade school like most European countries do ... but that’s another story or post!

So, today is drier but windier and already 57º! It looks to be a beautiful spring day ... you have a beautiful day!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Hehehe, I had a grandcat before I had grandchildren. :)

Exactly four weeks after we were buried by snow in a blizzard, it got in the 70s here. Needless to say it became quite muddy that week.

It's still above normal and there are signs that our daffodils will bloom soon.

I find it amazing to read blogs from the southern part of the United States and see all that GREEN! We're not there, yet.

Love the pictures!

Aurora said...

Ugh, I can totally relate to the chicken poop. Mine love to go on the deck!

And those llamas! TOO CUTE! I *love* llamas and want one sooo bad.

Confession: the scones were a mix. It was really the glaze I was trying to imitate - it elevated these to super yummy status. Just mix power sugar with a few tablespoons of lemon juice until it's stiff but still drippy.

happyowl said...

ohhhhhhh, I want Remy! He is so cute! He looks like a cross between my Twinkle and Moonbeams Princess(rip)!

I had lot more to say but I forgot it already.... either I'm really tired or it's that getting older thing.

Anyway, I'll "talk" with you tomorrow.

Brightest blessings


Tracey said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with those wet Washingtonians! I'm guessing they were happy to be there where it was WARM (lol...can you imagine it being warmer there in March?) Tell them the sun actually came out today, but it's still not warm =)

Candy Duell said...

It looks like spring has sprung at your house. I love the llama pictures, and the dogs are just as cute as they can be.

Sonia said...

Love your photos and I would like to ask one question about the size of your photos. Your photos show up on screen page much bigger than mine. And I prefer so much yours.
How much pixels have yours photos? (Did I make myself clear?)
Thank you!