Friday, March 02, 2007

Here we go, again!

Another batch of snow and wind – we had the storm last weekend and now we have another one that started Wednesday morning and is still "cooking.”

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Goldie is enjoying a bone before the BIG snow starts - notice her "grin"

Sister Candy says she thinks we’ve gotten about seventeen inches of snow – we can’t really measure anywhere because we have more wind than they do when it’s from the north. But we have LOTS and it’s been snowing and blowing very seriously since sometime early yesterday morning.

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My favorite trees (before the BIG snow)

Yesterday was Norm’s birthday – he spent the morning bundled up in the cushy chair watching the weather channel and the Minneapolis news channel to find out how terrible the conditions are, not only here, but around the area. It was so bad in this area that one of the small towns near us pulled their snowplows off the road by noon.
But our mailman made it, yesterday! Norm bundled up and walked to the mailbox to get my pills – I had to order them mailed from the drug store because we knew we couldn’t get to town until at least Sunday!

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Snow drift this morning - snow fence is four feet hight

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The barn with it's drift

The snow in front of the house is so deep that it’s up to Goldie’s tummy if she goes past the spot that Norm dug out yesterday. And Peanut – well, even in the dug out spot, it’s past her tummy and almost up to her back! She has to plow through to do her duty just a foot from the door!

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For Norm’s birthday, I made him egg custard instead of a birthday cake. And for supper we had stuffed pork chops – a favorite of his – stuffed with an apple and bread stuffing.

On another note: the other night we watched a movie recommended to me called “A Beautiful Life.” It is called a tragi-comedy; I didn’t realize it was Italian, with subtitles . and wondered if Norm would even be interested because of the subtitles ... but he “enjoyed” it as well as I. It’s the story of an Italian Jew in Itally in 1939 who falls in love with a woman and convinces her to fall in love with him. They have a child. The man, son and uncle are arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp. The mother finds out and follows them to the camp. During their stay there, the man convinces the boy that they are playing a game – the winner will win a real tank. It’s funny, sad, tragic and awesome.

The sun is starting to shine, now!! First sun we’ve seen in over a week! And the snow is slowing down. Now if the sky would clear at night so I could see the moon!!!

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The mailman did NOT make it today! The snow plow hasn't even been down the road yet today - perhaps tomorrow?

It’s a beautiful day, even if it IS windy! You have a beautiful day!

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happyowl said...

Wow! Now I know you like to share but I don't think you needed to share your storm with us! LOL... Poor Peanut, she does not look impressed at all!

The sun is shinning here today too! Yeah, maybe it will get rid of some of the ice and snow!

Brightest blessings


Claire said...

So...snow can keep the USPS from delivering?! I also LOVE "Life is Beautiful." It's one of my favorites. You're right, funny, sad, and awesome. It's amazing how much the sub-titles DON'T bother you.

Sonia said...

Beautiful! Beautiful photos, Connie!