Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!

Well, the first full day of Spring! Finally here and feels like it, too! It got up to 55º with rain and fog and all kinds of nice Spring stuff.

Norm and I went to Sioux Falls for a routine 6-month check up for Norm. We went early enough to do shopping before we went to the appointment.

On the way down, we had F*O*G!!! The top visibility was about ¼ of a mile until we were almost to Sioux Falls – a whole two hours of driving in the fog.

I took Peanut and we went shopping for her new bed – found a cute one and she approves, but isn’t in it right now because of her other present. There are real bones that are big and are stuffed with some kind of marrow that the dogs love. She is hiding from Goldie and chewing on her bone.

I got Goldie a small squeaky toy – she loves them and keeps stealing Peanut’s from her. She met me at the door saying “What do you have for ME, Mommy?” I gave her the toy and she ran to a corner, then kept coming back to show me that she was still carrying it. But soon came back for her bone (she could smell them). When I went down to the family room to watch my daily dose of StarGate SG1, I found her cute little squeaky guy all ready shredded and only the head and some of the body was left ... there was fluff and body parts all over the place!!! I only hope there is enough for her to carry around and be happy with.

So now the rain is over, there is a pretty sunset (not spectacular) and the wind is not blowing too much. The chickens are out enjoying the mild weather and so is Peanut.

It looks to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day and a great Spring!


Anonymous said...

Since Heb talks about you all the time, decided it was time to look. Goldie looks like my Cinnamon! Cin is wonderful except when it comes to food. You mentioned crabapple trees. Years ago my mom and our neighbour would make crabapple jelly - I still remember the sack of apples b/w 2 chairs!


Tracey said...

Hope the check went well for Norm. I can just picture sweet Peanut hiding with her precious bone. (It's my precious!)

happyowl said...

I buy Twinkle stuffed animals at GoodWill for a quarter. That way when she destroys them in about oh.... 10 minutes, I'm not too upset.

Brightest blessings


Jan said...

Hi Connie,
I lost my bookmarked stuff and have missed reading you blog of late. Glad I found it again.
What's you take on fiber goat 'wool'?