Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Whim

Carla Lynne has a new one for today:

Here's an easy one for you. You've just been given $100 to buy something you've wanted. What do you buy?

I'd probably buy a new window for my west side .. the picture window there is a double pane and the seal has broken, making it cloudy and dirty inside but we are unable to get in to clean it. If I could - I would get that.

Hey, what am I talking about? I DO have the money (thanks, Mom and Dad for your Christmas present!) ... it's just a matter of waiting until spring so we can find a window and replace it (won't do that now, of course ............ brrrrrrrrrrrr)..

An extra $100 from someone? Wel, I'd buy fruit trees and Mountain Ash trees and all kinds of good stuff like that - we have trees but we don't have TREES, if you know what I mean!

Have a beautiful, rich day!

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