Sunday, February 18, 2007

The weather is moderating!

It has been several days since the temperatures have gone below zero for the night!! The sun has been shining and even though the wind is blowing, the chill factor is above zero as well!

However, it’s been snowing and blowing quite a bit. We don’t have nearly the snow that others have had, but we did get another three inches on Friday, which caused Katie to have a little bit of difficulty in getting home in the afternoon. Wayne took almost twice as long getting home Friday night from a spaghetti supper here; he had to use four-wheel drive and lower gears to get through some of the snow drifts.

Yesterday Norm had to go to work and had to plow out of the driveway with his truck. He then took the snow blower and cleaned out the rest of the driveway in the afternoon.

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Tracks going out of the driveway

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Drifts are rather deep

Our drifts are going up and down, back and forth, as the wind shifts from north-west to south-west to south-east to north-east. Our drifts now look like sand dunes!

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Today has gotten above freezing, as well. A shock to the system!! But it is not feeling very warm as the wind is so very strong. But, all-in-all, a very beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!


Autumn said...

Brrrr, that just looks down right COLD. It is pretty to look at but I'm ready for spring. It makes me glad I live in a part of the country where we rarely get snow. Take care and stay warm!

Jan said...

Good morning Connie! We live on a farm with the wind off the field right into our dooryard. The wind chill is sooo cold. I will be glad to have the weather warm up a bit!

Renee said...

Your place looks just wonderful! Do you own all that is in the picture? I can't wait to see it when the weather warms up:)