Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Three

Another one from Carla Lynne

Next week is Valentine's Day, so let's talk about Chocolates, Roses, and Cards:

Chocolates ~ Got a favorite brand or flavor? C'mon, admit it, you like to get a box of chocolates every once in awhile...Although chocolate covered cherries are my favorite of all favorites, I love a box of Whitman's, but haven't gotten one for years. Norm is "allergic" to buying boxes of candies .. sometimes he will get a cheap box after the day if they are on sale and he's in the area. Sometimes he will buy me some mints instead. They are cheaper. The last box of valentine's candy I got, I bought for HIM.

Roses ~ What's your favorite colored rose? Have you ever seen a specialty variety like a Black Rose or Elizabeth Taylor Rose? Never seen those - my favorite rose color is pink. Haven't gotten roses for years, either - Norm isn't much for buying flowers of any kind.

Cards ~ Do you give cards? Do you like to receive them? How about Valentine's- do you make them with the kids? It's been years since I've made cards with kids. But I make a card for Norm on the computer and he will pick up a card for me - most other cards are now e-cards.

It sounds like Norm isn't very romantic, which is not the case - he just doesn't see the need to spend MONEY and will spend TIME with me for special days.

But I am EXPECTING a special valentine this year - Carla Lynne, do you HEAR ME???

Have a beautiful day!


Racksha said...

I have to agree with Norm. My hubby and I don't go in for all the Valentines hoop- la. I do let the kids( well the girl) give valentines to their classmates at school. That's as far as it goes though.

My favourite colour of rose is yellow. I know not very romantic but yet so pretty! Though, I will accept any rose!

How did you wear your ribbon today? In your hair?

Brightest blessings


Coffeeteabooksandme said...

I came over to meet you on Carla's recommendation! I'm a Grammie to three little ones and always enjoy meeting a Grandmother.

Let's see...roses. I carried yellow roses at my wedding but I love every color. I recently purchased china (at Goodwill!) with lilac roses on it, very pretty.

Any kind of chocolate is good, I used to like Godiva but the cost makes it a little hard to choke down. I much prefer making my own candy at much less cost.

Happy to meet you!

Heather said...

I like Lindt truffles. Melt in your mouth good.

I love white roses.