Monday, February 26, 2007

The storm is over (I think)

We have had the “storm of a decade” this past weekend in Minnesota. There were places that got almost two feet of snow; we got about 10”, give or take. It’s still snowing a little bit, now. We have gotten more snow, state-wise, than we have had for eight years. Nothing like New York has been getting this winter, but Minnesota has been in a snow drought for many, many years.

It is so exciting for snowmobiles riders that many of them have not been using common sense (although I don’t know if many of them DO have common sense). Another snowmobile went through thin ice this weekend – we’ve had over two weeks of mild / warm / ice melting weather. One weekend of snow is NOT going to freeze those lakes up again!

The storm started on Friday with wind ... massive amounts of strong, strong wind! I have no way of knowing how strong, but it felt like about fifty or sixty miles per hour. It’s the strongest wind that we’ve had for a very, very long time!

Then we had rain start in the middle of the night Friday night. It alternated snowing, sleeting and raining most of the day Then it started snowing for real and kept it up all night and all day yesterday.

Fortunately, the ice didn’t get too thick, so we didn’t have massive branch breaking or power lines breaking (although we had flickering lights on Saturday night); we also didn’t have much wind so not a whole lot of drifting.

I have pictures, now, of the storm, so I’ll stop talking and start showing!!!

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Strange looking clouds before the storm started

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Broken Windmill

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The view out my bedroom window with ice on the screen

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The beginning of the snow / sleet

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Poor windmill!

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Norm is getting something out of a frozen car

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Holding the broken windmill top

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Snow is getting deeper

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Ask Peanut if she wants to go to the barn and there's no holding her back!
Notice the depth of the trail she's blazing!

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A little bit of sun and heavy pine trees - the storm might be over!

We look to have sun today for the first time in many days – you have a beautiful day!

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happyowl said...

That sky looked down right scary! Poor windmill, do you think Norm will be able to fix it?

Peanut looks too cute! She's the brave one of the bunch!

Brightest blessings