Sunday, February 04, 2007

It’s Official!

Global Warming is here! The organization that was looking into the problem has spoken. You can go here to read the details!

Now, the question is, will the US comply and do something to help the problem? To my understanding, it won’t do anything, in the long run, to stop the problem. BUT (a big but in my mind) it will help, in the short run, to keep the problem from happening NOW. We have a choice ... suffer ourselves, as well as our children and grandchildren .... or work hard to slow the warming down and hopefully someone in the future will be able to help.

Or perhaps we will have more time to start adjusting to a different world.

Imagine --- Minnesota might become a tropical state and I can grow citrus fruit. Maybe I should start NOW by planting the tangerine seeds I just collected this morning from my daily fruit. By the time the trees are large enough to put outside, it might be warm enough in the winter to have fruit!! This global warming might not be too bad, after all!!

On another note, connected with Global Warming, is our weather ... I am so very (VERY) grateful that the wind is not as blustery as it can be. We can get a wind (too many times from the south) blowing up to 30 mph or even stronger. This bitter cold (-2º as I write) has a wind chill of “only” 23º. If we had those horrible winds, just imagine!!!

I bribed Norm to go out to check on the chickens (he has warmer gear) this afternoon and he was breathless and frozen just being outside in the barn and also in the wind for only a few minutes. I DID go out earlier – I looked out and a Downy Woodpecker was sitting – just sitting – on the side of a tree – no movement, no head bobbing, nothing. I was afraid he was frozen to the tree or something. So I bundled up and went out to see him fly – very slowly – to another branch. I think he was sunning himself and was a little lethargic in the early morning cold. But he was NOT a frozen feather popsicle as I feared!

So, now it is sunny and just slightly breezy and the propane furnace is simmering and keeping the house warmish – the corn stove can NOT keep up with this cold! It’s a beautifully crisp day (if you are inside).

I worry about Joy in Florida! It’s only going to get to the low 70s today and she may have to wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt!! How is she going to survive ?????? (Snigger!)

You have a beautiful warm day, where ever you may be!


happyowl said...

We are very cold too. Today it's -29*C and the snow is blowing.

My mom watched a report on the news( I think it was the same one you did). She phoned me to tell me that I was right all along. Why is it that parents believe scientists but not their kids????? maybe the peice of paper!

Poor Joy, how is she ever going to survive??? I would never want to be in her shoes( sarcasim is wonderful isn't it?)

Keep warm

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

I saw the news last night that y'all are gettin some nasty winter temps. Stay Warm, Connie & Norm!!!! I certainly would miss ya if you froze!

Oscar's thought of the day said...

and I thought it was cold here at minus 3!! keep warm

happyowl said...

Hope your staying warm! I'll call tonight.

Talk to you soon

Brightest blessings