Monday, February 19, 2007

I was wrong ....

and I admit it! Last Monday was NOT Presidents’ Day ... today is!! So I am confused! Do they have it whenever they feel like it?

I thought Presidents’ Day, with all it’s hoopla and advertising – isn’t that what Presidents’ Day IS, a day of buy, buy, buy – was on the Monday closest to Lincoln’s brirthday but found out that it’s on the third Monday of the month.

No WONDER there were all those ads for cars and furniture (the most popular sales items). Maybe I should go down and buy a new car or a new household of furniture. I won’t have to pay until 2009. And the ads tell me I NEED it!!

On another note, it’s 39º and just a gentle breeze from the north. This sunshine is invigorating! When I went out to do chores and fill bird feeders, I put Peanut’s sweater on and she came out to join me in the winter fun, plowing through snowdrifts taller than she is (not saying much, there)! Lil Cat is out of the front porch in the sun and enjoying the warm weather. Chickens are outside for the first time in over a month and enjoying the bright snow.

This heat wave will settle the snow so that it shouldn’t blow (until we get the next wave of snow). I got another picture of the snow dunes on our south side. And, no, Renee, all that land is not ours. Our land stops at the corn field, just past the snow fence. We have six and a half acres of land but the south abuts a corn field and we pretend it’s ours. We watch “our” farmer doing the plowing and tell people that “we” have decided to plant corn or soybeans and “our” farmer is just doing our bidding!! Lots of fun, since everyone knows that we are pretending and join in our fun!

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The snow and heat make a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

I am enjoying reading your thoughts on daily life! Our chickens are becoming very hardy with the abundance of below zero weather. This year we did not add light and so have no eggs through the winter. My motto, "you gotta be tough to live here." We have seventy acres here but have stopped farming, the work was too hard and folks didn't want to pay for organic. Even the goats went last spring. Too much milk for two of us.

Kati said...

LOL I love bucking the trends by NOT buying loads of useless crap just because the ads say I simply MUST have it. In fact, I actively ridicule adds, out loud to DD & DH, about such nonsense as a child NEEDING crap-loads of new clothes & electronic equipment (in all the newest styles & colors & most expensive prices, no less) at the start of school & christmas.

And, Ironically, DD, DH and I have spent yesterday & today thus-far weeding things. It feels good to go through & toss junk & get rid of stuff one doesn't need. Not going in for the REAL compact resolution thing, but it still feels good to do even a bit.

Enjoy your sunshine, and I'm glad it's also warm for you!!!! We've got sunshine the last couple of days, but it's deceivingly -20 out. The sunshine makes you think it's warmer until you actually step out the door. *grin*

happyowl said...

Happy presidents day! In Alberta, today is family day. Too bad I'm so far away.

It looks like we have the same amount of snow.

Brightest blessings


Morning Sunshine said...

love the snow! we finally got a decent amount here - 3 inches! i am soooo disappointed - this area of Utah is supposed to be VERY snow heavy. sigh
I love the sales on various tumpted-up holidays - when I have a purchase already in mind that I have researched and saved for, and then I use those sales against them! they give me what I was ALREADY GOING TO BUY for cheap. hehehehe

kansasrose said...

Beautiful picture! Enjoying your blog.