Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Here it is, Carla!

Several weeks (months?) ago, Carla asked to see pictures of Matilda, so I sent her (and you all, maybe?) a picture of the naked Matilda.

Now I have her dressed. Candy is borrowing Matilda to make a decorative, hanging rug for a friend. Here is Matilda in all her glory.

The rug is warped with Peaches and Cream yarn – a soft 4-ply cotton. If you look at the ‘heading’ on this picture, you will see that Candy used two colors of warp – close in color but different, so you can see the shading.

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She is making what I call an “unspun” rug .. she is taking roving, twisting it and beating it into the rug. I don’t know who taught me, but I made some over 30 years ago and they are still in pretty good shape. I also have made them in the past 10 years and love the thickness.

As I said, hers will be a wall-hanging type rug – 24” wide by about 3 ft long. She has some tea-dyed roving (brown) and some of my spinners web lavender (that I got in Watertown) in this area. If she wanted it to be a “step on” rug, the fluffs would not be hanging out.

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This is planned for her friend’s bathroom and designed to match and fit the color design in that room.

Candy is very particular about colors – as an artist, she tends to be “persnickety” in her designs. I just throw and let it happen, but she plans and plans and plans. But her projects really turn out great where mine are just happenstance.

This might be a good time to mention Candy’s newest project, her shop and new business, “Homestyle Fibers” ... as a rug hooker, she has had trouble finding just the right colors for her rugs (I TOLD you she was persnickety!) so she has started getting white wool fabric and dyeing her own colors. The same with her knitted projects and her new weaving projects. So she is dyeing wools and yarns to suit HER. This led to the idea that others might like these items dyed to fit THEM and not have the ability, desire, room – whatever – to do the dyeing themselves. As she goes along, I will post some pictures of her dyeing jobs. I’m excited (you can’t tell, can you?).....

On another note, we are in the midst of a heat wave!! Yes, children, a really and truly heat wave!!! It is +4º and the wind chill is only -6º!!! Goldie didn’t even want to come in and Peanut did NOT object to going outside for her duty. It is also snowing enough to cover the bunny droppings under the bird feeders. What a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!


Renee said...


It is cold here in Kentucky too! We are going to get around 7 inches of snow today:) I also love looking at birds at our feeders. What kind of seed do you put out?

happyowl said...

Okay, that's not fair!!! We are still at -25*C and the sun is dropping. The good side is is that I got to wear my parka and rabbit mitts that my sil made for me, when I went to get my daughter. She says it's only a spring/ fall parka but I was sweating in it!!!! Though, I guess if you live in the artic, -25 is spring weather???

Candy is doing a beautiful job! I think her new buisness will do great!

Brightest blessings