Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, let’s see! What have I been doing?

First of all, the washing machine is WORKING!!!! I have done thousands of loads of wash (well, maybe not thousands) and have thrown them all in the dryer, one load at a time. This time, I’ve decided that I need to use the dryer to catch up with about two weeks worth of clothes. Once I am caught up, I will then hang them outside or on the clothes rack inside, depending on weather. But since there were so many loads, it was easier and faster to use the dryer.

What else? Well, I’ve been doing some informal weaving lessons. I am helping Takara thread her new ridged heddle loom and get it ready to weave. As she was threading that, I had Katie try weaving (for the first time) on my table runner that is now finished. Sister Candy did some weaving on my newest table runner; first time she’s done four harness and fine cotton. She was a little nervous and a little confused because of the color changes, but did fine.

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Katie weaving, Takara threading

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Table runner that is just finished
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Table runner that Candy helped with

Yesterday was my birthday --- sixty-three years old, can you believe it??? Sometimes I feel one hundred, sometimes twenty! Many gifts were given me yesterday.

The first one was that Carla Lynne finally has returned to her blog and wrote me an email, explaining her long absence.

Then we had a Downy Woodpecker come to my suet feeder and spend most of the morning there, so I was able to get a picture (not very good, as it is through the window, but at least a picture to prove I saw him). We had about eight finches at our feeders all morning, as well.

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My sweet little Downy Woodpecker

Phone calls from my mother, my brother, my two girls and my two grandgirls!

Norm took me out to lunch yesterday in our favorite little Drive-In.

Tonight, Candy, Wayne, Norm and I went to our favorite steak place for yummy teriyaki steaks. We were celebrating their twenty-sixth anniversary, my birthday and Wayne’s birthday next week. We also got a phone call from Norm’s older brother and sister-in-law and chatted for over an hour to catch up.

I have been reading some neat books that I got from the library. Candy and I FINALLY got there last week, after promising each other we would go for over six months.

I watched “Ladies in Lavender” last night and again tonight – such a wonderfully, gentle love story about two English ladies in England between the two “great” wars.

So that’s been my week – how has yours been? We are going to head to the single digits for temperatures in the next couple of days and be near to January’s normal temperatures. No snow, as of yet, but there still is hope! It was a beautiful day today. You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

Happy birthday!

We got snow!!! finally! It's stll snowing now and the dumb dog is actually barking at it. Crazy animal!

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

Happy Birthday Connie!!!! Glad to hear you had a great one!!!!

Congrats on the new drier! Kinda have had some chuckles while reading over the hassle of getting that in. I've had an electric washer & drier since we moved in here, but I've always wanted a clothes line. Unfortunately our back yard is a mud-pit and any clothes hung out there would be dusty & filthy soon after hanging, so I still haven't gotten my clothes line, in 7 years of living here. LOL

Love the beautiful weaving!!! If I ever get down your way, I want some lessons!!! ;) And some spinning lessons. LOL

Stay warm!

Oscar's thought of the day said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for visiting my blog - am going international now!
Loved the pictures of your little boy and the eggs! I may have to try that one and will let you know what happens!

happyowl said...

Hubby's going to work on getting a messenger set up for me today! The one I was trying didn't like me... technology...

Have you got any snow yet? Our's is melting away.... Strangest winter yet.

Brightest blessings