Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Whim

Thank you again, Carla, for your wonderful ideas!On a whimsical note, do you like winter or hate it? If you could pick 'the perfect temperature', what would it be? I love winter – I love snow – I love being INSIDE when the snow is snowing and the wind is winding (sorry, blowing!) ... I like being outside when the cold is not too bad and there is NO WIND.

This morning, it’s warmed up to +12º but the south wind is nasty. I would give my eye teeth for a wood cook stove! Norm says the insurance would be too great.
Perfect temperature: depending on the time of the year –

Winter’s perfect temperature is about 25º, at least 10” of fresh snow on the ground and no WIND. (Have I mentioned that I hate wind?) Night time temperatures can go down to maybe +15 if the wind stays away.

Summer’s perfect temperature is between 70º and 80º, no WIND, but a light breeze is acceptable. Night time temperature can go down to about 60º.

Rain only at night – when most people are sleeping (does this sound like Camelot?).

Today, however, even though the daytime temperature is about 12º, we have severe south winds and it’s dropped the wind chill to about -10º, and is very uncomfortable in the kitchen, as the south winds seem to come right through the walls.

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Aurora said...

I love the snow and the rain, but I dislike being cold and I prefer to watch them from the inside (while spinning next to the fire of course!)

The guild is a true gift, I want to encourage everyone interested in fiber arts to seek out their local guild and dive right in. It has changed my life!

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