Monday, January 22, 2007

We spent too much (of course!)

The auction was fun, as usual, but also very, very hard work! Think about it ... I have to wander around looking at the things and deciding what to buy (if I can afford it) and how high I am willing to go. At the same time, I have the voice of John (auctioneer) behind me, and I am listening to what he’s saying and watching what he’s selling, just in case he has something I NEED that I had missed.

Also, when I am close by to make sure I get bids in on what I NEED, I have to fight with John. He knows what I like and he knows how I bid (good auctioneer, there – knows his customers). He gets eye contact and almost forces you with the power of persuasion that you really NEED this and are willing to pay any amount to get it.

So, the mental work is exhausting!

However, I did get about half of what I wanted and more than I had planned, as well.

List, everyone? Okay, you asked for it ... (disclaimer ... if you don’t want to see what I got, just click out, now and read someone else’s blog!)

I got a late birthday present from Norm...He had taken our number card and moved closer to the front while I was still in the back. All of a sudden, I noticed a neat star and thought ... should I bid without my number (John hadn’t learned it, yet) or miss it? And saw that Norm was bidding. He turned to look at me and I nodded, so he got it!! Three cheers! Then I moved up with him (better seating and better chairs) but nothing important came up.

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We moved to the furniture. Candy and I each wanted an antique ribbon cabinet, but it STARTED higher than we were willing to go and went for $250!! (Sorry, no picture .. didn’t think to take a picture of what we lost.)

I had my eye on some night stands or small dressers for the studio and actually got the dresser which has more room for storage! Scissors, needles, pins, bobbins, shuttles, material, etc., can go in there.

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I also wanted something for between the chairs in the living room. I had been using a TV tray but got a miniature dry sink – more money than I had planned, but because I missed on the ribbon cabinet, I felt I could go a little higher than my original price.

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I got a lovely egg crate and decided to store my egg cartons in it, rather than helter-skelter on top of the freezer, where they are hard to reach (freezer is 15 feet tall, you know!).

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A doll came up and I normally try NOT to buy dolls, but it was the right price ($8) and Norm was loading stuff in the car and couldn’t stop me (hehehehehe).

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Norm got a two-man saw; I got a pretty depression glass cake stand; also two Roy Rogers photographs in frames ... I got one, Norm encouraged me to get the others. Guess I’ll have to hang them in the grandgirls’ room and introduce them to Roy (I have some of his movies). He’s been my idol since I was a little girl.

So, all-in-all, a good auction. We enjoyed watching the Precious Moments figurines going for over $50 a piece .. there were several people that were either dealers or collectors ... Although why ANYONE would collect Precious Moments is beyond me! I have never been attracted to them. But give me Hummel, any day!

We got another 4” yesterday morning – and very little wind. A lovely day and will be another lovely one today. You have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

OmG... what wonderful stuff you got!!!! I love, love the dry sink! My mom would love the doll( she collects and has over 500 hundred in a two bedroom apartment... very spooky for my son and hubby).

I'm so glad you got more snow. It has been snowing for two days now. My son is getting sick of his shovelling buisness, he didn't think we would have any this year... hee hee, I guess he hasn't been a Canadian long enough to know better.

Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful evening.

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

LOL about your Hummel vs. Precious Moments. My mom collected Hummels when I was little, and we had a curio full of them. When my aunt (dad's sister) died, she left behind LOADS of Precious Moments stuff, some of which came home from the funeral with Dad. Now Dad's trying to get me to take a lot of these Precious Moments things. (Like Precious Moments more than Hummels, myself, but not enough to collect them on a real scale. Though Dd does have a few of the Precious Moments "birthday girl" figurines.)

Lovely, lovely things to bring home. That little dry-sink is adorable. I bet it'll fit in perfectly. Glad y'all are getting more snow. Hope you get the PERFECT amount, and not more than a flake more than that. ;)

happyowl said...

Yes Connie, you were right. The magnifying glasses are great! I have been having so much more fun sewing( it doesn't take 1/2 hour to thread the needle anymore)

I have three cast iron pans that I love. I need to take iron daily and I thought they would be a good way to help increase( did I mention I hate taking my iron?). Thanks for letting me know about boiling the noodles. I would have just used my pot. I do have a noodle pot that my girlfriend bought me right after x-mas( only because she ruined the one I brought to her house.... burned it so bad there was no help for

enjoy your snow

Brightest blessings