Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Good things come in pairs... and so do fun memes! Carla Lynne has another fun one!

Answer the questions below on your blog, and leave a comment telling us yours is up so we can come see what you picked. If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to leave your list in the comments.

Name your two favorite animals. Farm ones ... cows and goats. Pets ... dogs and cats.

Name your two favorite drinks. Bad for you drinks, Dr Pepper and coke. Good for you drinks, ice tea and real lemonade.

Name your two favorite colors. Green and yellow (not particularly together).

Name your two favorite pairs of shoes. Shoes? A necessary evil! Favorite of necessary evils? Tennies and some kind of “hush-puppie” loafter.

Name your two favorite books you read last year. Can’t really think of any from last year – too long ago. I just finished “The Red Tent” and loved it – and also Mary Kay Andrews’ “Blue Savannah” – I love fiction more than “thinking” books.

Name your two favorite instruments. Harp; wish I could play better, but never practice enough to do so. French Horn – it’s so mellow!

Name your two favorite seasons of the year. Spring and Fall

Name your two favorite ice cream flavors. Cherry Nut and Pineapple Sherbert (is that considered “ice cream” ???)

Name your two favorite T.V. shows. Still “StarGate SG1” and also “Who’s Line is it, Anway?” A stupid show, but I love to see the guys think so quickly and come up with such clever stuff.

Name your two favorite magazines. Countryside, of course. Handwoven, another “of course.” I also enjoy Country for the pictures.


happyowl said...

Whew... mines up.

LOL.. nice to see someone else doesn't like shoes. Does Norm yell at you like my hubby does me? Everytime I break my toe( about once a summer), he says " if you were wearing shoes"...lol

Brightest blessings


Carla Lynne said...

Grandma ~ you must stop drinking those bad drinks! ;)

When I was a little girl, I had a green and bright yellow room with the most 70ish big polka dot curtains you can imagine. It was like being squashed between a lemon and a lime! :o

I loved your answers and I love you!

Carla Lynne