Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh, my!!

As you can see by my new weather patch on the left, we are mighty chilly here in southwest Minnesota! Thanks, Candy D, for giving me the link!

Now, admittedly, that is not severely cold for us. I can remember one year where January had over two weeks of no sun, much snow and the highest temperature for those two weeks was -15º!!!

However, Minnesota has been going through some heat waves recently. December was one of the warmest on records and January looked like it was going to join the previous month in all it’s warm glory.

This past week has been running around 35º or 40º but we had been warned!! Yesterday I watched the thermometer plunge from an early morning 32º to last night’s -1º when we went to bed. Getting up this morning, I read -4º!! Our “lovely” wind makes it feel like ---25º. (Sorry, Heb, I don’t have the Celsius readings for you – you’ll just have to venture out to your thermometer to figure out how cold it would be for you, up in Canada.

Time to put slippers on and a bathrobe over my jammies!! Fortunately, I have the chickens running in the east end during the day, with the east door shut from the wind and cold. So I don’t need to go out until around 10:00 to check on water and feed. I don’t need to go out at daybreak to let them out of their smaller pen so they can run outside. It would be too cold and windy for them to be outside, anyway.

Our corn stove is unable to quickly bring heat up to comfort levels, so we have turned it off and have the propane furnace on. I hate to use the propane, but when we wake up to 59º in the house and Norm is chilly, it’s time for drastic action. We COULD wait until about 2:00 and have the temperature maybe hit 65º by then, or we can hit the propane and have it hit 70º in less than 30 minutes, then shut it off and let the corn stove continue to keep it at that temperature for the rest of the day. (Reminder to self --- keep the corn stove on level 2 or 3 overnight when it’s this cold!)

So, now it’s 61º in the house and rising! Soon I’ll be able to take off my robe – actually, maybe I should get dressed???

The severe cold looks like it’s running all over the country! Seattle (where daughter Jill is) is hitting lows again and people panicked at chill factors of +25º, but the actual temperature this morning is +21º!!!. I need to write to Jill and have her tell her co-workers what OUR temperatures are! My brother in Oklahoma is expecting ice storms!! My mother, in South Dakota, is -2º, after being in the 50s just two days ago!

The only place that I can see that is even normally warm is the deep south! Joy, in Florida, is enjoying warm temperatures and probably has her air conditioner on, as usual!!

It’s going to be a cold week, but the sun is shining and it’s beautiful, if windy and cold out! You have a beautiful day!


Autumn said...

Ok, either I am stupid or blind or both because I can not see anywhere on that link how to link with me and add that icon. Can you tell me how you did it. I would like to use it for my page (for my area of course)

happyowl said...

LOL... you know me too well, of course I went running for the thermometer!

Yep, it's mightly cold where you are but at least you are having a somewhat normal winter, while we are having spring temps and rain.

K, hubby is still laughing at us, so I'm going now

Have a wonderful day

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

Wow!!!!! The one thing that goes through my mind when I hear about all these nasty winter super-storms we're having lately is... Dang, Mama Nature is ticked & she's sure letting us know about it! My sister in Tucson mentioned the other day that the weather-folks were predicting snow in Tucson over the coming couple of days. Don't know what every happened in regards to that.

Hoping you & yours stay toasty & safe!!!!!

Autumn said...

I came back by to say I am both blind and stupid because after the fourth try I did find where to add this link lol.
By the way..It is COLD up your way today brrrrr!!

Carla Lynne said...

Brrrr.... baby it's cold outside!

That big storm you just had is now on top of us... thankfully as rain. :)

Feeling a bit better ~ thanks for sending some love and good thoughts... be in touch Monday. Tell Norm to throw some extra corn on the furnace... ;)

Love you,
Carla Lynne