Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New sites

I have some sites to post this evening.

One is Greenfingers ... she has moved and renamed herself Greenwoman. I have changed my link so that you can pop over and see her at her new site.

Another one is from Marie and Kelly - the Natural Colored Wool Studio - my friends I mentioned this weekend. They are the ones with the scrumptious wool that I showed you. If you are interested in finding lovely wools, they are the place. You may think the wool is expensive but it is worth every penny. It's the nicest spinning wool I have held in my hands for many a year!

Sister Candy came over today and worked on the 36" loom (Matilda) - she is threading the heddles now, and will come back on Thursday to finish, then take it home to weave a decorative rug. She's getting excited about weaving on a large loom. She finished her place mats that she was making on one of my small looms and thinks she needs a small, 2 harness loom as well as a large 4 harness one. Ain't I good at spreading my obsessions around??

It was a beautiful, cold, brisk day today - 12 eggs from the happy hens who love the sunshine. You have a beautiful day!

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