Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, everyone!

And what does it look like at your house today? We got about two to three inches of snow (Mankato, just an hour from us got eight inches – sigh) but lots of wind!

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Last night we braved the blizzard (well, it WAS pretty dicey at times) to go to Candy and Wayne’s for the beginning of our ‘traditional’ weeknight together. We have decided to put one night a week aside to get together at either house. Wayne and Norm love to play cribbage – Candy and I don’t, really. So the boys can play to their hearts’ content and we girls can do crafty things or watch a movie or just talk. Last night, Candy started ‘Brides and Prejudice’ but we stopped it too soon, so I brought it home to watch. By the time we headed home (9:00 for us early birds), the stars were out and the moon was glistening on the snow and there were only ground blizzards.

This past week has been a busy one for both Norm and I. He is starting to work on the washing machine – well, actually, getting the area ready to move the machine into the house and use. Our wringer works well, for washing, but the drain doesn’t, so we need to drain the water outside with a long hose running out the door. Then the lovely laundry sink I have doesn’t have a drain (see above) so we rinse our clothes in a five-gallon bucket and Norm dumps that outside. And, now, the wringer is broken so Norm wrings the clothes out by hand. Now this may all be well and good for youngsters with energy, but for old fogies with weak hands and sensitive necks, it ain’t so hot!! I am really looking forward to the modern automatic so I can wash just one load of clothes, if desired, and at midnight, if desired! We can still hang outside or use the rack in the kitchen (or bathtub – as we do since the clothes drip too much when hand wrung) or we can use the dryer when desired. I can’t wait!

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While Norm was moving the laundry sink over to the other side of the room (where there was a hand sink with a working drain), he took the faucets off the sink and put them on the bathroom sink – those were worn and leaking and ucky!!

Norm got the stain out and I stained my new spinning wheel; Norm helped me put it together so I can now spin on it. (Aurora got a wheel for Christmas! Now she has joined us obsessers!)

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I started a new warp for the forty-four inch loom (the Buffalo) – I’m going to make a tablecloth for ME! This is a picture of my lovely warping mill that Norm made.

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And I am half done with a Christmas table runner I am also making for ME! This is very much like friend Katie’s that I made her, but it has a fancy border on each end and is longer – hers is only four feet long – mine will be five and a half feet long, to fit on the bench in front of my living room window.

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So now I need to get some clothes popped into the dryer to freshen up – when they hang on the racks in the bathroom, they don’t get that wind-whipped freshness and the wind was gusty to thirty-eight yesterday. Norm promises to work on the hook up and see what else is needed for a town run tomorrow.

It is a beautiful sunny day today – you have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

Sigh... how lucky are you to have snow! Wouldn't you rather the rain we are getting? I'm glad you and Norm made it back home safe and sound. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

Your wheel looks beautiful and I love the runner!

Have fun with the washer and dryer

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

Happy New Year Connie! What a beautiful runner that will be. And glad to hear the two of you are staying safe while out on the roads.