Friday, January 12, 2007

Foodie Friday

What are your favorite comfort foods when you are sick?

Thanks, Carla Lynne .... I hope YOUR comfort foods make you feel better, quickly!

I was raised on Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and nothing (NOTHING) makes me feel better. My mother would melt American sliced cheese on saltine crackers and we'd soak them in the soup.

I have to have this combination when I am sick. When I came home from hand operations (and others), this would be what I would have to eat as soon as I was awake enough to eat! (Well, that is, besides the Dairy Queen pineapple milkshake on the way home from the hospital.)

There is nothing like having chicken noodle soup noodles dropped down the front of your shirt by your mother (thanks, Mom!). Being right-handed and the operations on my right hand, Mom would feed me and between the two of us, we'd always lose my mouth at one time or another.

Oh! And jello! I always made sure that Strawberry jello was made and ready for when I got home from the hospital! And, again, nothing like cold red jello sliding down your front when it misses your mouth!

Macaroni and cheese is another comfort food, but not when I'm sick - this is when I'm blue. "Grandma's Macaroni and Cheese" is the grandgirls' favorite meal at our house - we make it better here than their mom does, I guess! It's the first meal they have when they come. So, when I'm blue and missing them, I make some Mac and Cheese to think of them by.

It's a beautiful but chilly day. You have a beautiful day!

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