Sunday, January 21, 2007

A beautiful snowy day

The wind has stopped blowing (have I mentioned how I HATE wind?), the snow is coming down like a Christmas snow and it’s 22º out! What a beautiful winter morning!

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I have been out to fill up the bird feeders and top off the water in the bird bath. My cousin Kathy “promised” me if I had water, I’d have goldfinches all winter. We counted over 28 of them the other day – and 20 of them yesterday, even in the horrible south wind!

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It’s been pretty busy this past week ... Candy, Katie and I went to Mankato to go shopping and look for some furniture. I need a night stand / end table with drawers to help store some of the stuff I have in the studio.

We found a second hand store that had mostly beds and mattresses. There were a few pieces that I was interested in, but they were almost new in price, no matter how old they were – and some were more than new in price! The lady that was there gave me cooties (not real ones – just my term for bad vibes – she made me shiver!), so I wanted to leave quickly. Actually, Candy and Katie agreed and we decided we would not go back THERE again!

We found a really cool pet store – “Pet Expo” – that has a wooded walk to see bird feeders in place, lots of bird stuff, a fish corner, rabbits and guinea pigs and such in the middle and scads and scads of toys, food and supplies for dogs, cats, horses and goats, to mention a few. We WILL go back there when we have time to spend.

The shopping actually was pretty speedy, considering us. The snow started soon after we got to the city and looked like it would really amount to something, so we did a speedy trip, but spent a lot of time over lunch in Panera’s ... a bread / cafe place with yummy food.

We drove home in blowing snow but not too bad – only took us 30 minutes longer than normal to get home.

Friday I spent most of the day getting my tablecloth warp ready to put on the loom so that Candy could use the warping mill and the ‘reed loading’ table for her rug she’s going to make.

Yesterday was filled with Wayne and Norm playing cribbage while Candy and I worked on her rug project (and I started threading heddles for the tablecloth). Then lunch, then more work until they went home.

This morning, the beautiful snow and an auction this afternoon. I have my eye on some storage cabinets of some sort for the studio. Candy and I BOTH have our eye on an antique ribbon cabinet. Guess we’ll have to flip a coin or duke it out for who gets it (if it is even affordable!!).

This next week we will be getting ready to go to Watertown, SD. There is a trade fair and school demonstration there this weekend. Tomorrow, Katie an I will go collect the camper trailer. Those who were reading my blog this summer might remember that we broke the crank to crank the top up. We finally got it fixed; Norm and I will be ‘winter camping’ in it. Well, not actually winter camping! We will have electricity and heat!

We are going to camp next to the building that the trade show is in and hook up to electricity through the building. I have a set of flannel drawers ready to cut out and sew together and am deciding what to take along. Since we will have the camper, I can take cold weather clothes, in case the building is cold inside, and other ones in case it’s warm in there. Normally we are limited to the amount of clothes to take, because we are normally limited to space. But the clothes can lay on the beds before we put the top down.

Norm’s shave horse and my spinning wheel and chair can go into the cavity of the trailer or in the back of the pickup.

Food is the next to decide. We CAN purchase meals and one meal is served, free, to demonstrators. But I want something easy for breakfast (taking a microwave as well as using the stove) and sandwich stuff for lunches ....

Peanut is also going. Goldie will go over to Candy’s, but we decided Peanut would be happier in the heated trailer because she’d be with me at night. That will be nice – she will be a foot warmer in case the bed is cold. (We will also have electric heating pads to help start the warmth of the beds.)

So, now, it’s time to get ready for the auction. I hope the ribbon cabinet is not desirable to anyone else but Candy or I (yeah, dream on, girl!).

It’s beautiful out here. You have a beautiful day!

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Candy Duell said...

I hope you had a wonderful time at the auction. Make sure to tell us what you purchased. Still not much snow for us, but the boys have been ice fishing this weekend, so that tells you it has been cold!