Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where are my Christmas decorations?

I am about ready to decorate, now. I have put up two strings of lights – one in a window and one around the opening of to the studio. I am about ready to put up our fake tree (Joy gave it to us) because we haven’t gotten around to finding a living tree like Carla has. That is my goal for next year – to find one in a pot and either plant it or keep it alive from year to year until it is too big to stay in the house.

However, the decorations have gone (as they say in Australia) “walk-about.” They are supposed to be in the upstairs closet that holds my wool, my basketry, my costumes, my seasonal stuff. However, they are not to be found.

They are in the same gold suitcase they have been in since 1977, when we started using the suitcase to hold the decorations. I saw the suitcase when we moved and I said “it goes upstairs in my ………… closest.” But is the suitcase anywhere to be found?

Noooooooooooo! Of course not. Last year would have been the best time to look for them and discover they were not around, but last year I was not worried about any decorations except the lights around Norm’s halo that he had to wear for three months. Now that I am ready to decorate, where can they be?

I am betting Norm that it is hiding somewhere in his garage; he put so much there for “later on” that I think he put the suitcase there instead of upstairs where I asked it to go.

I think I will be satisfied with a simple greens / dogwood arrangement in a flower vase with lights on that. And a few more strings of light for the windows. The ribbon for the Christmas cards is up with the first two cards here already. Which reminds me, I have to get MY letter ready to go!

My plans for a multi-room decoration scheme is gone by the wayside and I’ll be happy with just a few things here and there, including my stuffed mouse that sings “We wish you a Merry Christmas!”

Hunting season is over – no deer in our freezer this year! But now Norm will have more time to work on things that need to be done before Christmas. A shower head to be repaired – a toilet to be replaced – a kitchen sink faucet to be replaced – a sofa to be gotten out and the living room rearranged.

We went to a neighbor’s today to pick out our steer. The neighbor raises his animals in a yard but they are not crowded, are not packed in and are fed hay and silage .. not grain. They were grass fed this summer and now are ready for butchering. He will be taken to the butcher’s on Tuesday. So we will have “minus one-hundred mile” meat that is not organic, but is not fed with hormones or stuffed with grain to fatten.

It was a beautiful day yesterday – it looks to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day.

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happyowl said...

It's funny how things like that happen... missing suitcase. If your anything like me you'll find it in the summer when your looking for something else.

Too bad Norm didn't get any deer this year(he should have been rewarded with something just for being out in the cold). The cow sounds good though.

Have a wonderful day

brightest blessings