Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, they’re gone!

We had lots of family this past week (almost .. well, four days).

We went to the Cities on Thursday night – got there in time to do some last minute Christmas FOOD shopping (all gifts were taken care of), unpack the car, go to a Chinese buffet for supper and watch a movie while waiting for Jill and Eric to fly in. The long-awaited storm fizzled out (but not in Denver), leaving just a little bit of snow and some ice, which caused the Seattle flight to be an hour late.

We picked up the kids at the airport and went back to Joy’s house where they dropped us off, talked a bit (very little) and they headed up towards Fargo, where Eric’s folks have a cabin. They used their Buick that they had given me with the condition they could use it when they needed it.

Early Friday morning we got a call from Joy – they were on the way home; rather than waiting until Friday night, they started on Thursday night! A whole day early!

We spent some time with Bill, Joy’s father-in-law. He lives in the lower level of the house and “minds the store” while the kids are in Florida. Norm worked on his spoons for Christmas gifts and I watched movies and napped (about two or three hours, total!).

We had peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches for lunch. For supper we planned on ordering pizza in, but Bill was hungry for an egg sandwich, so I made those for he and Norm and I had another peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich; we watched more movies, then went to bed.

About 3:00 in the morning, I heard Tasha, Joy’s Cocker Spaniel, running upstairs (we were sleeping on an air mattress down in the basement) and heard footsteps. But the kids went right to bed, so it wouldn’t have been worth it to get up to say hello.

So Saturday morning, it was fun and games for 2 whole days! The girls came down to wake us up and give hugs all around. Joy, Ashley and I went shopping for a few things for them; Ken and Jessica went their way for a few more things for them. Norm and Bill stayed home and babysat dogs and took naps. A nice supper Saturday night and a movie before bedtime.

Sunday, Christmas Eve, brought church in the morning (with my annual tears during Silent Night – a long story, but I cry when we sing it, and I hugged both girls the whole time), preparation for the night celebration. Jill and Eric showed up so we had a great time with games and food preparation. That night the dinner had the whole Peterson clan plus Bill. A nice feeling.

Christmas presents were fun. The girls appreciate the little things as well as the big ones. And, to Joy and Ken’s credit, most of the gifts from them are clothes, not toys. The placemats I was weaving from tablecloths were presents, as well, and they were a hit with everyone (WHEW!).

Christmas morning, Santa brought little gifts to everyone – impressed the girls that he knows where EVERYONE is at every time!! Then we packed, said goodbye and headed home about noon.

We got home to my folks and brother waiting for us. The folks had been staying at Candy’s since Thursday, Charles came up on Saturday. I made Cheesy Cream of Broccoli soup, Candy brought over some bread she made and we had the Childs’ family Christmas, complete with more presents! The whole family was there – even sister Cara was there in spirit!

Tuesday, Mom and Candy and I went shopping in Windom (Mom loves our Dollar Store) and had lunch at Godfathers. Norm, Charles and Dad went to the Westbrook butcher and collected 350 pounds of beef and stuffed it in the freezer!

Last night we had spaghetti with Katie, Wally, Taraka and a friend of T’s. Late night (again)!

This morning, Candy and Wayne came to say goodbye, we had steak and eggs for breakfast, stuffed coolers with meat for both cars and they headed home – the folks to South Dakota and Charles to Okalahoma.

I ended up taking about a two hour nap today and still am exhausted! I will post pictures tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, or what-ever you celebrate. I hope you had family around you even if it wasn’t the whole family! It looks to be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day.

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Sounds beautiful. Hope you catch up on your sleep.

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