Thursday, December 07, 2006

Weaving project

I am (or, technically was) in possession of family table cloths that we had when I was a child.

However, they are stained and torn beyond use. What to do with them? I can’t throw them away – too many memories! Too many potato soup stains that *I* put on them!

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So, my clever little brain (yeah, right!) got working and I am making placemats out of the tablecloths. I tear one-half inch strips from the table cloths and weave the strips into fifteen by twenty inch placemats.

I started out with a cream warp, but when I ran out of that warp, I put on a warp that I call my Mexican one … red, green and white!!

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Larger tablecloth with cream warp

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"Mexican" warp
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Smaller tablecloth
They are going well and I have most of them finished.

A good way to get rid of something that is unusable at the present stage and be able to recycle into another use.

On another note, does anyone know what today it? The sixty-fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Where were YOU on that day?

Have a beautiful day!


happyowl said...

That is so cool! Great idea!

I didn't know that it was the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbour. I wasn't even thought of when that happened. Do they have big memorial services???

Brightest blessings


Grandma Rosie said...

These are really pretty Connie. What a clever idea. You can leave them to your pretty little grand daughters. HUGS!

Trina said...

Beautiful Connie, They are coming out wonderfully.
My folks were just babies when Pearl harbor happened... I was not even thought of yet;>

I am curious have you gotten your new spinning wheel up and running yet?

Kati said...

Where was I, you ask??? ;p I wasn't even a twinkle in my GRANDPARENT'S eyes, yet. My dad's only 57 (58 next week) and my mom's only 50. Even my FIL wasn't a twinkle in his daddy's eye (heck, from what my FIL's said about his extremely unexpected arrival, I wonder if his dad's eyes EVER twinkled over FIL), at not quite 60 years of age. Sorry, no great stories for you there. ;)

Your tableclothes-turned-place-mats are great!!!! Congrats on ingeniously refashioning them into something new(ish).

Michelle said...

I love those! Weaving . . . another skill I long to learn . . .

I was definitely not born yet, nor were my parents.

Wonder where my grandparents were?

Autumn said...

Those turned out really well. I think if it had been me though I would have taken a main piece of the table cloths and put them in a picture frame (under glass) (Just a thought)