Monday, December 18, 2006

Are you busy, yet?

Christmas music on the radio, lights on trees and in windows, smells of baking in the kitchen. Last minute gifts being made or purchased. Presents wrapped. Christmas cards sent or frantically getting ready to send.

Sounds like my house. I have finished all the gifts I am making. Norm is still working on his and hoping they WILL get done.

I am also re-arranging the living room, as we found a home for the sofa, finally. It looks a lot less crowded, now, and will be less when I find a place for some of the boxes that are STILL holding on from moving last year!

The Christmas plans are slightly complicated this year, but do-able.

Jill and Eric are coming on Thursday, the 21st. We will meet them at the airport with the Buick; they will take us to Joy’s house and then head to Eric’s folks’ cabin up north. We will be car-less for two days, unless Joy’s father-in-law is willing to take us places. He lives in the basement of the house and takes care of the place while the kids are in Florida.

Joy and family will drive up from Florida and be here late Saturday the 23rd. We will have Christmas Eve at Joy’s. Jill and Eric will come back from the cabin; then they will leave for Seattle again Christmas night.

Joy and family will have Christmas Day with her in-laws then head back to Florida on the 26th.

We will head back here on Christmas Day to meet my folks and brother.

My folks will be here at sister Candy’s while we are gone. They hope to get here before we have to leave for the cities so we can transport presents for my kids. My brother will be here at our house, arriving about Saturday; he will sleep here and eat at Candy’s. They will have Christmas Eve with Candy; Christmas night will be here; I have an easy soup dinner planned that can be started as soon as we get home.

WHEW!!! It makes me tired to think about all of it!

Then we will be home and be able to spend some leisurely time visiting with my folks and brother before they head home.

As I said, complicated but do-able. The only way that we can get to see everyone this season.

I don’t know if I will have time to write again before I leave, so I would like to take this time to wish all of you a blessed season – Yule, Christmas, Hanukah or whatever religious celebrations you have at this time of year. May your New Year be bright and blessed. May all your days be beautiful.


happyowl said...

Wow... very very busy but sounds wonderful. Have a safe, joyful Holiday season.

Brightest blessings


Grandma Rosie said...

My shopping is all done. With 8 grandkids that is saying a lot! Decorating is done and the grand daughters and I are baking today. I am a bit wore out. I need to take some of these kiddos home so I can rest. The church Christmas Pageant was Sunday. it was wonderful! I love to watch my babies in plays, I am a proud grandma. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kati said...

Dang sweety!!!!! You & yours drive careful, with all that back & forth. Your card is in the mail, but will be late. *wry smile* Gotta start with the cards in July this next year. Maybe then they'll make it in time for Christmas. LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas with all your loved ones!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays! I hope you both have the best one yet.



Candy Duell said...

I hope your holidays are wonderful. It sounds like your going to be doing alot of traveling.

Merry Christmas!