Thursday, December 07, 2006

Are we getting carried away?

I know that health is all-important, especially the health of children. And avoiding poisoning from the atmosphere and other areas is equally important, especially for children.

However …I heard on the news, last night, that a barometer broke in an elementary school somewhere in the cities … this means on-the-loose mercury, does it not?

Of course! So what do the officials do? Close the whole school and send everyone home until the ‘spill’ is taken care of!

So, how BIG was that barometer? A room-sized one?

Does mercury give off noxious gasses that can be breathed in and cause damage? Does mercury cause any damage unless you touch it or eat it?

Now, when I was little, I considered myself fortunate if a thermometer broke when I was around … I would play with the mercury – it is such fun! You roll it around on the floor or table and it breaks into little pieces and then merges back together again. I would imagine that some children broke thermometers on purpose for that fun.

When I told Norm that I had played with mercury, he said “Maybe that’s why you are so weird!” And giggled like a school girl. I asked him if HE had ever played with mercury and he laughed until tears came and said “No, never! … Well, maybe three or four or five times!” So I said “Maybe that’s why YOU are so weird!”

I agree, mercury is dangerous – to eat or touch, but come, folks! Close an entire school for a bunch of mercury in one room? Are we getting carried away?

It is a beautiful, brisk -2ยบ out, but with lovely sunshine! You have a beautiful day!

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