Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When is Thanksgiving?

I got to thinking …. Do YOU know when Thanksgiving is? Or Christmas? Or Easter?

Back in my school days, things like this were drilled into our heads. Along with the date that Columbus discovered America (1492).

What do they teach children in school these days? Do they know important dates … when Lincoln was shot? (April 14, 1865) When Kennedy was shot? (November 22, 1963) Do they even KNOW who Lincoln was? Or Kennedy?

Can the kids make change without a register that tells them the change? Can they tell time without a digital clock?

Yes, many know more about electronics than we ‘old folks’ but what else do they know?

Can they do math without a calculator? Do they know the capitols of the states? Do they know all of the states? Can they write a short story? Can they spell?

Just for fun and giggles, ask a few people around you – even some adults….. when is Thanksgiving? When is Christmas?

Don’t bother about Easter – I can never figure that one out, either – it is always the first Sunday after the last something or other –the first full moon of the last month of the next year of the seventeenth trimester. It’s when the astronomers decide, somehow.

I ask young people and children sometimes .. not the younger ones – they wouldn’t have learned that, yet.

“When is Thanksgiving?” …. “Is it in November?” “I think it’s on a Thursday this year.”

Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on a Thursday – the 4th Thursday of November – which is why it’s so early this year – the 23rd …because the 1st was on a Wednesday.

“When is Christmas? “ “I think it’s on the 25th this year.”

Christmas is ALWAYS on the 25th .. no matter what day it is.

“When is the Forth of July?” “I’m not sure … is it in July?” Duh!!!

This goes back to my complaint in May about Memorial Day. Are they going to change Independence Day and Christmas to suit the general public and have them on the first Monday of July or the last Monday of December?

Go ahead and ask someone and see what the answer is. Are we ‘dumbing down’ America? What DO they teach children these days?

Have a beautiful, educational day!


Autumn said...

You forgot to ask when is Columbus Day. It is Oct. 12th. Forget about the Presidents birthdays. They along with Columbus day and most other holidays now fall on a Monday. It dives me crazy. When I was a kid Washington and Lincoln had there own day.

Kati said...

Thanksgiving is Always the last thursday in Nov. If I remember correctly, Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring Equinox. (Rather convoluted, that one!)

They DO teach them to read clocks (not the digital kind), they do teach them who Lincoln was. They kinda skimp on teaching kids how to make change (I've worked retail, and I still have a hard time with it!). DD is learning to do math without a calculator. And the only reason that I remember when Columbus "found" the "New World" is because of the first line of that poem "In 14 hundred 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." ;)

Blessings. --Kati

Amey said...

Hey! I know one of these! Lincoln's actual birthday is the 12th of February. The same day my son was born - otherwise I probably wouldn't remember. ;-)