Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is a Corn Stove?

I was asked by someone who did not leave a name or email to write back to. I hope he / she is reading this.

A corn stove is a stove that is a heat stove, on the same lines as a wood burning stove. I suppose the best name would be "corn burning stove" ...

This is a stove with a hopper to hold kernels of corn - off the cob. The hopper feeds the corn with an auger that puts it into a firebox a few kernels at a time. The fire box has a stirrer that stirs up the corn and fly ash and clinkers. There is a fan that kicks heat out.

Corn makes clinkers, not actual ash, but there is "fly ash" which is lighter. That is stored in an ash box below the stove to be deposited outside. The stirrer keeps the corn from caking.

If you use oyster shell, the clinkers actually break up into tiny particles rather than caking on the stirrer.

We have duct work going from the stove to the propane furnace and allows us to use the heat vents to warm the whole house.

I hope that answers your questions. If you have more, please email me!

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Anonymous said...

For my thirteen Thursday I once again decided to go blogg hoping and I came across your blogg.

I know what a corn stove is. Never seen one.
In North Idaho people uses natural gas or wood.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Sorry I didn't leave a name or email, I've been checking your blog for the past couple weeks.

So does the stove make popped corn? It sounds neat.

Northern CA