Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weather news and Peanut

Yesterday the high was 34º and there was fog of about .10th of a mile, with no wind. There was rainy drizzle that froze on the roads, the grass and the trees.

Last night about 8:00, it started to warm up and the freeze started to melt. I could hear water dripping from the trees and the roof.

Peanut, who normally sleeps all night long without having to go outside, started getting restless about 1:30, so I had to get up to let her out (yawn). At that time, the temperature had risen to 41º and the ice was gone from the cars and driveway.

At 3:30 Peanut was up, again (YAWN)! And the temperature had risen to 47º!!! At that time, Peanut did not settle down after she was outside. She popped into her bed and was whining and scratching and fussing. Then she got up and so I got up to let her outside, but she went for a drink of water and something to eat (MIDNIGHT SNACK!!) … at that time, I noticed that there was lightning far off.

Peanut is afraid of thunder and could probably hear it from afar, even though I couldn’t. I gave up and put her in bed with me (all right, I admit it!! She is spoiled!) .. she was restless but settled down and slept, allowing me to sleep.

At 4:30 (oh, my!) the heavens opened up and dumped buckets of rain and the storm was right overhead. But Peanut and I were tucked safely in bed, so what cared we about any storm? Norm was safely in bed, too, but was sleeping so soundly, he didn’t hear anything at all until it was nearly over!

At 7:30 we all got up and started our day (finally!); it was now 49º out! But wet and soggy all over. I let the hens out and they are scratching away in the mud and putting little chicken tracks all over the driveway! We have (already) 7 eggs today! Blessed hens!

Now, at noon, it’s gone down to 46º and the wind picked up dramatically, so it is a soggy, overcast November day.

I suppose this was more information that you needed to know!!

I am working on my frozen tomatoes. Heather, they are taking longer than expected … the top ones were still frozen last night. This morning they are all thawed and hot. I have taken a potato masher and mashed most of the tomatoes. I am about ready to strain for juice, then use the grinder/masher (there IS a name for it but I can never remember it) to make my sauce. I will can both and hope there is enough for at least a little bit of fresh garden this winter.

On a silly, crazy note, I just got a call from my daughter, Jill, in Seattle. They got 3 inches of snow and the people have gone crazy! Schools closed, Burger King closed!! People are leaving their cars on the interstate, one even in the middle of the road! This for 3 inches!!!! Now, here in Minnesota, 3 inches is a dusting and no one thinks any thing of it. But I guess they have never (or rarely) had snow and people don’t know what to do! I’m sorry if I’m laughing, but Jill said that they went to Target tonight, 18 hours after the snow fell and there was no-one in the store … almost like closing! And Berger King STILL was closed!

There sounds like there will be snow tomorrow night, as well. And it will be ‘bitterly cold!’ ….. 20º, which is a mild night for us! There are days in the winter that we pray for 20º!!

So, you have a warm, beautiful day tomorrow!


happyowl said...

poor peanut, I don't blame her for the storm blues( I'm the same way). After living through "black Monday" in Edmonton and moving to "tornado alley", I really don't trust the weather anymore.

Poor Jill, I was giggling too. During the winter here, my kids, who have never experienced a "north winter" complain and complain about the snow and cold. Usually by the time I am sick of thier complaining, their cousins( who still live up north) phone them to say how happy they are that it is only -25*C and they can go out for recess again. It usually works in making my children see how lucky they have it here........lol kids.

Our weather is warm and overcast with a light drizzle. My parents weather is -35*C with a forcast for a winter storm... and they wonder why I was giggling?????

Have a wonderful day Connie( and Norm)

Brightest blessings


Kati said...

Poor Peanut. Our Puck goes absolutley nuts at fireworks & thunder, also.

I had a similar chuckle minute at my sister the other day. Here in AK we're used to waking up at -30 degrees in the winter with cars whose tires have frozen somewhat solid & flattened against the ground. So, she's in AZ now, and as she was heading out for her first coffee @ her favorite coffee shop, she semi-noticed this "thump, thump, thumping" of her tire, but only barely registered it, and her brain told her that it was "cold" (49 deg. Above zero) the night before, so her tires were frozen square. It wasn't till she got to the coffee shop that she realized it was really a flat, and that 49 deg. ABOVE is not cold enough to freeze tires square. LOL

As teens we always got rather annoyed to see schools in the "lower 48" close down for an inch or two of snow, considering ours NEVER close for snow. Obviously. However in the past few years we've started getting "freezing rains" in early winter & early spring that have resulted in closed schools or early-outs. Feels wierd. LOL

Hope Peanut lets you sleep tonight!