Monday, November 06, 2006

Tired of eggs, yet?

I have another picture of some of my eggs. Today we got 10 eggs (yippee!!). I was able to send two dozen eggs home with Katie today and sent two dozen home with Candy on Saturday. And we have two dozen, plus, here for us to use.

Here is a picture of some of the eggs we got today. The green eggs are three different colors, running from Khaki to blue-green. The pink egg is pretty obviously pink today. And I have a big egg with freckles. Cool, huh?

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Today it was in the 60s again, and Norm worked on the garage roof. He got the worst leaks fixed, hopefully.

Katie and Takara came over today – she found a rigid heddle loom at a garage sale and we have finally gotten time to work on it. Takara chose navy blue, Christmas green and black for the warp, out of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. She is going to make a lap rug – comfy blanket – for herself. She started to warp the yarn with what I have here, but we may need to get some more yarn to finish the warp, not alone have enough for the weft. It will be checked, and similar in color to a “Black Watch” tartan.

Tomorrow is election day. Go out and do your duty and may the best party win! It will be a beautiful election day for us. You have a beautiful day.


grandma Rosie said...

I for one never get tired of seeing your lovely eggs. I am so envious. But all going well I should get my coop up before spring. So what kinds of layers lay all those pretty colors of eggs?

happyowl said...

It looks like easter. You have some great hens!

Brightest blessings