Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving week

I know (and so do most of you) that Thanksgiving is a day … but this has been a week of Thanksgiving.

My brother, Charles, came from my folks on Sunday … he had had an early thanksgiving with them, then brought some things from them to Candy and I. I got an antique office chair, complete with squeaks; Norm has repaired the broken part, now needs to oil or grease it so it rolls better and doesn’t squeak as much. He’s afraid that I will wake him up when I’m on the computer early in the morning (well, not as early as some, Carla, but earlier than HE gets up, most days!).

Sunday was an absolutely glorious day! It was warm (high 50s), no wind and lots of sunshine. I was out in shirt sleeves!

Yesterday, Joy and the girls came. They had flown into the cities from Florida on Thursday last and came to spend a couple of days with us. Joy brought Peanut and Cricket new sweaters that she knit. The girls brought hugs and kisses and lots of loving.

Thanks to my router that Charles bought me at Easter, both he and Joy could get online with their laptops. So there was the war of the laptops … with me in the computer room because my battery doesn’t work very long and there wasn’t enough room on the table AND on the extension cord that ran to the other side of the kitchen. Nothing is funnier than ‘chatting’ on Yahoo with someone in the next room! They also tried voice, but Joy doesn’t have a microphone and I could hear her complaining about that when her voice didn’t carry over the computer but from that other room.

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The war of the computers

The weather was cold and windy and over cast and rather nasty out. The wind was so bad that we were afraid we’d get blown away! But we had a glorious sunset to compensate!

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The girls bundled up in the cold to collect eggs

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Sunset - what a beauty

Last night Katie, Wally, Takara and David (staying with the Hunters for a while) came over for a supper that was scalloped potatoes, the last of last year’s ham, hard rolls, and trimmings. I tried a new recipe for rice pudding that was not only yummy for me, who doesn’t LIKE rice pudding, but yummy for two little girls who don’t like it, either!!

After supper, David brought my harp down from the studio and he and Takara played songs and entertained us. David plays the violin, fiddle and other stringed instruments and is teaching himself the harp when he has one available. Takara has a harp and is learning, herself. Mine sits and waits from me to play, often for a very long time. Now that my hand is stronger, I am practicing. I play ONLY for myself, as I am NOT very good at it!

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This morning we went over to Candy’s. My niece, Brook, was here with her family – husband Terry and daughter Erin. Erin and Ashley are about two months apart in age. The weather, again, was glorious, and the girls spent most of the day outside playing.

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Drawing in the road --- Erin is without a sweater but the Florida girls are used to warmer weather!

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The men are dicussing world problems (or hunting)

I would have more pictures to show you, but my battery died, so I have to depend on Joy and Charles for their pictures. I will collect them in the next few days and show you.

Erin has a new puppy, Buttons – she is a wire-haired mini-dachshund …and almost the same size as Peanut, even though she is only five months old. Now, Peanut has not played with another dog since she got here. Buttons had no one to play with as the other dogs feel it’s ‘beneath them’ to play with her. Peanut and Buttons took one look at each other and it was hell-bent-for-leather and watch-out-Suzie! They chased each other all over, Peanut would grab Buttons by the neck and drag her all over. They growled and snarled and raced and jumped and had a wonderful time! Both were totally worn out by mid-day!

Joy taught Brook how to knit socks and Candy wrote down the directions and watched closely. Both knit, but slowly, and are both still learning. It was great to watch the cousins sit head to head working on the stitches. Joy’s socks are becoming famous – we have many in the family asking her to knit their socks.

Joy has come to an arrangement with everyone. If you want socks, you buy your yarn and the same amount of yarn for her and she will do the labor. She feels it’s a good deal and so do all of us!

Then it was ‘give an hug and say goodbye’ … and off we came home for a turkey breast and some of the trimmings … Charles hasn’t had enough turkey so he got one for tonight (I plan on sending the rest home with him for sandwiches on the way).

Joy and girls went home tonight, as Daddy is flying home from Florida tomorrow. We are heading over to their place tomorrow, as well. We will be taking David home before we go to Joy’s. Charles will head home to Oklahoma tomorrow as well.

I will make sure to have extra batteries with me for the camera and take a bunch of Thanksgiving pictures. When we get home on Friday, I will have more to show everyone!!

This evening, just before the girls and Joy went home, I got a phone call from Heather in Canada! She discovered that she can call the States free, so had decided I would be one of the fortunate ones to get a call. It was great – you can chat on line, you can send emails, but nothing makes real contact like a phone call if you can’t be face-to-face. Thank you, Heather – it was great fun and I hope we can do it again! I hope your wrists and ankles feel better, soon!

These next few days are supposed to be un-seasonally warm. It is now 39º at 11:00 at night!! What a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day.

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happyowl said...

Happy Thanksgiving "week", Connie. I really enjoyed our conversation and hope to do it again real soon!

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Brightest blessings