Wednesday, November 08, 2006

She growled at me!

No, not Peanut! She never growls at me (but she does at strangers). Even when we are wrestling (with her in my lap), she lets me put my fingers in her mouth with no problem.

But a Barred Rock hen growled at me! I went in to collect eggs and she was sitting on the nest. When I went to put my hand under her breast, she growled and yowled at me and pecked my sleeve (missed my hand, thank goodness).

Now, when hens do that, normally they are starting to be “clucky” – they want to set on a bunch of eggs and have babies. But in the fall? Come on, now, lady!! This is the wrong time of the year!!! Get a grip and do this in the spring!

So although I know that there are eggs under her, I will have to wait until (if) she gets off that nest to collect them. Peanut and I will have to go to the barn later on today.

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Barred Rock (on left) ... Green egg layer on right

Speaking of Peanut, she is doing so well. She doesn’t come when she is called unless she wants to. But she knows “barn” and “house” and will head to either if I tell her. I need to work on her recall abilities. However, she knows “stay” and will stop where ever she is when I shout that and I can go get her.

I wish she was afraid of cars, so we need to figure out a way to get her to stay away from them. If some one drives in, she will try to run to the car, barking, and no-one can see her because she is so small. That is the biggest problem we have to solve.

She loves to cuddle and is so excited when I sit down for her to be in my lap. She is not supposed to be there when I’m on the computer (but she is, now, by the way … I’m such a softie) and has a pillow next to my chair. She does not sleep in bed with me (well, not often) … she has her own bed next to the night stand. She is not TOO spoiled, I don’t think .. at least she is not given people food and she only barks when someone comes (or Norm makes noise outside).

So, my little Peanut, for me, is practically perfect in every way … I should call her Mary Poppins!!

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It is another beautiful day, with 60ยบ and sun. Elections are over, so election adds are done for awhile. You have a beautiful day!

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Sonia said...

Your little Peanut looks adorable! Just cute!